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Polynesian Language: Filipino, Malaysian and Indonesian Language

Do you know that the Filipino (Tagalog), Malaysian and Indonesian language originated from one source? These three actually came from the same stock of Polynesian Language(Malayo-Polynesian classification) which was adulterated due to the colonization by foreigners of countries of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia (Malaysia was influenced by British, Philippines by Portuguese and Indonesia by the Dutch).

Well perhaps, you knew about this already but I just want to share my interest ;P. It just amazes me whenever I find similar words in these three languages such as "cinta" (Malaysian/Indonesian word for love) or "sinta" (Tagalog word for love), for example. If you share the same interest, go ahead and post words which you find interesting. Well actually, I'm into learning Asian languages right now (Malaysian being one of them) and I figured this is an interesting way to learn it. What better way to learn a language than studying the legend and history of that language and meeting new friends that share your interest. :P

Ok so let's do a language trade. Go ahead and post as many "similar words" as you can.

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pintu - pinto
buka - bukas
sabun - sabon
aku - ako
lelaki - lalaki
pinggan - pinggan
piutang - utang
terang hari - tanghali

haha... good thing to have a Malay-Tagalog-English dictionary. ;P

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oh by the way...
"Mahal" in Malaysian is "expensive" right?
In Tagalog "mahal" also means "expensive" but it can also mean "love" (like the person is precious to you).
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