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Kite smbung ke thread nih plak k? :loveliness: Last edited by annehuda on 1-7-2014 03:50 PM

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Just Released...



[*]Abhishek Bachchan as Sameer[*]John Abraham as Kunal[*]Priyanka Chopra as Neha Melwani[*]Bobby Deol as Abhimanyu Singh (Cameo)[*]Kirron Kher as Seema (Sameer's mother)[*]Boman Irani as M (Neha's Boss)[*]Sushmita Mukherjee as (Neha's Aunt)[*]Shrey Bawa as Veer (Abhimanyu's son)[*]Shilpa Shetty - (Special Appearance during song "Shut Up & Bounce")


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sape da tgk? review r..:loveliness:

ak br jerp abes tgk citer nih td... for me, citer nih one of da best movie this year!!
klako gile ah.. part sedih pung ade.. complete!! 4 1/2 bintang!!

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body memasing... pehhhh....beketui2....;P :P

pilahdelpia Publish time 19-11-2008 01:40 PM

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dvd dh kuar ker? :o
kasik la review sket...:$

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:) :) :) :) :) :)

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aku pun dah tgk Dostana isnin lps..

best gak la.. x silap aku film ni remake cite lama kan..?

BTW, dah lama aku x merasa ke'best'an tgk cite hindustan sejak zaman2 kegemilangan Kuch Kuch Hota Hei dan KKKG..

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kaka labo.. highlight r thread nih.. :loveliness:

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aku dah tgk gitu2 je...sbb takde subtitle...xjumpe lagik...:'( :'( :'( ...tp dah donlod vid2 klip dier..best woo..klip desi girul..meriah ...pastu klip shut up n bounce pon best...best gile tgk shilpa shetty...:P :P

akumirul Publish time 20-11-2008 02:27 AM

kollywood x dek ke??:lol:sivaji da boss??;P ;P ;P

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Imran's new look for 'Delhi Belly'

Have you seen Imran Khan lately? Long, dishevelled hair, a stubble, he's even lost weight. All for a role. The film in question? Uncle Aamir Khan's DELHI BELLY. "I am on a strict diet, having one meal a day. That's the demand of the character. He has to look lean. Aamir Uncle has asked me to follow a regime, you know how particular he is about everything," Imran tells me.

Talking of DELHI BELLY, Imran feels the film holds tremendous appeal for the international audiences. "It should prove to be that breakthrough film in the international markets. Aamir knows better, he must've done a lot of homework before plunging headlong into this film," he adds. I endorse this viewpoint!

The moment Imran completes DELHI BELLY, he has to regain the lost weight and muscles for LUCK, which is heading towards completion.

Besides DELHI BELLY and LUCK , Imran hasn't signed any new film yet. "There've been offers, but nothing that would excite me. I've decided to take a break of at least a few months before I sign my next venture. I've been shooting non-stop, I need to unwind before I accept new assignments," Imran states.

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Anil Kapoor is autistic in Yuvvraaj

Being autistic is almost like the crest of being artistic. HrithikRoshan did the autistic act with National award winning elan in Koi Mil Gaya.

And just as we heard of Shah Rukh Khan turning autistic for his role as the isolated Muslim in New York in Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan, comes the news that Anil Kapoor will be seen playing an autistic character in Subhash Ghai's Yuvvraaj.

Says a source, "Anil plays elder brother to Salman and Zayed Khan.Subhash Ghai had been meaning to incorporate aphysically-psychologically challenged character into his script for along time. It was Anil who told Subhashji the story idea for Yuvvraaj."

Apparently, Raj Kapoor at one time wanted to make a similar film written for him by his long-term collaborator Jainendra Jain.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that Anil Kapoor is playing an autistic character. In K Vishwanath's Eeshwartwenty years ago, Anil was cast as a 'slow' saintly man (this was theclosest we came to describing autism in those days) who wins over thevillage widow. Anil has self admittedly copied Raj Kapoor in Eeshwar. If sources are to be believed, Anil's reference point in Yuvvraaj is Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.

Other screen heroes to suffer psychological disorders include Sanjeev Kumar in Anhonee and Khilona, Jeetendra in Jyoti and Amol Palekar in Solva Sawan.

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Theatrical Trailer (Yuvvraaj)


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hafieza Publish time 21-11-2008 09:39 AM

yes..3 Idiots..
dh lama aku dgr psl filem ni
kareena excited dpt skrip ni n some more her co-star is aamir..
sape yg x nk brlakon dgn aamir kn...huhu..

hafieza Publish time 21-11-2008 09:51 AM

Arjun Rampal wif his daughters



pzan213 Publish time 21-11-2008 12:20 PM

Originally posted by hafieza at 21-11-2008 09:39 AM http://eforum5.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
yes..3 Idiots..
dh lama aku dgr psl filem ni
kareena excited dpt skrip ni n some more her co-star is aamir..
sape yg x nk brlakon dgn aamir kn...huhu..

yg dlm poster tu aamir khan ke atas skali?..apesal cam gemukk jee:lol:

hafieza Publish time 21-11-2008 01:18 PM

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mungkin cara die posing tu nmpk cam die gemuk kot..
or mebi die saje naik kn skit berat bdn..sesuai dgn watak die ..
aku x tau lg synopsis citer ni..

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a'ah.. bile kajol tolak citer nih, kareena cpt2 amik.. hmm.. arap best r..

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yuvvraj.. hmmm.. lagu2 die best.. jln cite??? hmmm...
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