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"Rachael Ray Geography Whiz"

Lilly is just two and she knows the location of the countries in the world... Amazing!!! Even Rachael Ray & Oprah invited this genius to their show... soo sweet... :loveliness:


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This is an excerpt of her uncle's comment in youtube..

"If you don't believe what you see.Lilly will also have a clip featured on Leno after the writer's strikehiatus.
Lilly is my niece. She was 23 months old when this wasdone in August 2007 in her parents small one bedroom apartment. She nowknows over 80 countries. Yes, we know that Tasmania is not a countryeveryone. It's still a fun place to know.
She knows bettergeography than a 5th grader. She has been doing this for about 8months. She is one funny niece. If you think that this is cruel andunusual, get a life."

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mana gambarnyer.....tak kuar pun.....
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