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Critics to IQ test

Does IQ tests really show your intelligence? Will you become a prof just because your IQ score is 150? Consider this:

1. How much students who passed PTS (Penilaian Tahap Satu, if you remember) do score well in their studies later in UPSR, PMR, SPM?

2. And more importantly, how much students who failed PTS get excellent results in their later studies?

3. Take different IQ tests online, some will give you 160 and the others might give you as low as 100. Where is the unity here?

4. Some High IQ Society accept SAT and several other tests as a qualification. But it has been proven that these tests depend most on how much exercises you did before taking them rather than inborn intelligence.

5. As a proof, why is there such book as 'Score better in SAT'?

6. And more notably, why is there such book as 'How To Score Better in IQ Tests'?

7. When there exist such books, you will get 180 in IQ tests but you CAN fail calculus. Shame. Intelligent? Fool? Which one?

8. It is accepted that IQ test must test something that cannot be learned particularly in school, such as arithmetic. Well it makes sense.

9. However statement number 8 no longer make sense because there are bunch of physicists and math profs who can't 'congak'... ;P. So if they take IQ test, can they score 160++?

10. Some tests time you! If you give your answer long enough, you will be rated as dumb!!

11. Then go back, do some exercises, and take the test again. You've become Newton in the tst!!! But can you get 100% for algebra after that?

12. IQ tests are based on how you link objects together. But have scientists fully understand how human brain links objects together? :o

13. Intelligence can't be tested based on 60 questions in 30 minutes. If you past the test, it is the test that you passed. It shows that you are intelligent particularly in the test. :P That is why IQ test tries to 'globalise' their questions into variety of fields

Sources: Ruska J. 2008 http://www.jimmyr.com/blog/IQ_tests_100_2006.php and my own experience.

So what does IQ test represent?
IQ test represents your current knowledge, at that particular time and particular place! Take IQ test after you failed Math, and you will get low score because your self-esteem has lost. Your intelligence might change with your mood, your age, and which educational program are you participated in.

A quotation;
"One only has to read around in the literature of the subject...to see how easily the intelligence test can be turned into an engine of cruelty, how...it could turn into a method of stamping a permanent sense of inferiority upon the soul of a child...."
Source: Lippmann W. quoted in http://www.personality-and-aptitude-career-tests.com/iq-test-scores.html

Note: Do not use this post as a professional source.

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iq test tu sbg satu ukuran jer..tak menjamin org tu betul2 bijak..

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iq test tu sbg satu ukuran jer..tak menjamin org tu betul2 bijak..

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nice info,ever heard of Mensa to enter it,you have to do some very advanced Sudoku..:lol: :P (puns intended)
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