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you can learning Chinese and Meet new friends here!


You can learn Chinese and Meet new friends here: www.chinesetutor.my and www.chinesetutor.my/bbs

I got the best software in the world for learning ChinesePronunciation and Writing! It's amazing.


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谢谢和我们分享(thank for share with us):loveliness: :D

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Overcome Your Communication Barrier to Chinese


Overcome Your Communication Barrier
to Chinese!Chinese Tutor TM1) An e-Learning based self-studying software product. English-Chinese tutor with speech function and audio pronunciation.
2) 30 times free trail
2) Promotion copy: RM500.

Business Chinese Program
1) A classroom based Business Chinese language training program.
Especially for business men and women who require strong communication skills in business Chinese.
2) Twice a week for 8 weeks.
3) Course Fees: RM3800
4) Corporate on-site training is available with minimal charge of RM18,000 and no more than 10 audiences.

Translation Services
1) Providing translation services covering more than 70 languages, 40 industries and sectors with a professional team of 80 translators. Translation of various business and legal documents, contracts, technical materials, company profiles, works of art, migration documents, scenarios for movies and TV shows and others.
2) English to Mainland Chinese: RM100 to RM180/1000 words.
3) Other Languages to Mainland Chinese: RM180 to RM250/1000 words.

For more info, kindly call our tele-sales officer: Ms Maliya
Tel: +603-2161 6595
Email: caexpomarketing@gmail.com
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