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Pentas Project Calling for Volunteers

Pentas Project Calling for Volunteers

Pentas Project has a line up of projects in 2008, among others are:
1) The Thailand-Malaysia Theatre Artist Collaboration Project
2) Annual performance <Animal Farm>
3) The Pentas Theatre Collaboration Project2008 and etc
We're now calling for volunteers to work together in our handful of projects. This is a great opportunity to get to know Malaysian Theatre and artists working in different media.

About PentasProject
Pentas Project is a theatre company based in Kuala Lumpur that encourages crossing over of art form, culture and language Founded in2005. "Pentas" in Chinese would be "ping tai", indicate a flat stage, a stage without walls and boundaries.

If you're interested to become our volunteer, please send the below information to
4.Telephone Number
6.Language Proficiency
7.Your field of interest

Fell free to log on our website to know more about Pentas Project.


fleurzsa Publish time 11-4-2008 03:45 PM

good day

Good activity 4 everybody who interested..

I will tell around.InsyaAllah
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