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Kenangan BEAUTIFUL DAYS - Lee Byunghun, Choi Jiwoo (Bhg. 2)

Beautiful Days - SBS 2001

Disiarkan di Malaysia 2 kali

1 - RTM/TV2
Aug - Oct 2002 2.00 - 3.00 pm (Mon - Fri)
Korean audio + Malay subtitles

2 - ntv7
Jul 28 - Sept 11, 2006 9.30 - 10.30 pm (Mon - Fri)
Mandarin dubbed + Malay subs


Cast: Lee Byung Hun, Choi Ji Woo, Ryu Shi Won, Lee Jung Hyun, Shin Min Ah

Yun Soo (Choi Ji Woo) and Sae Na (Lee Jung Hyun) grew up like sisters in an orphanage. Yun Soo is the nice, sweet, beautiful, etc., while Sae Na is bad-tempered, stubborn, and extremely selfish but carries a lot of pain with her. When they were little girls growing up, they got a visit from the president of a large record company and his stepson, Sun Jae (Ryu Shi Won). Sun Jae's real father was killed by his stepfather although no one knows the truth. His mom (Lee Kyung Jin), remarried when Sun Jae was around 10, but Sun Jae believes that his stepfather is is real father and his mom was a mistress. His stepfather has two other children, Min Chul (Lee Byung Hun), and Min Ji (Shin Min Ah). They hate Sun Jae and his mom for barging into their lives. When they are all grown, Yun Soo starts working at the record store managed by Min Chul to look for Sae Na, who she lost contact with 5 years earlier. Sae Na wants to be a singer so Yun Soo hopes that she will see her there someday. But when Yun Soo finds Sae Na, a misunderstanding keeps Sae Na from growing close with Yun Soo. To make matters worse, Sae Na falls for Sun Jae, while Sun Jae and Yun Soo grow close. Yun Soo is deadly caught between two guys while Sae Na struggles to be a singer. Also, will the truth about Sun Jae's father ever be revealed?

Avery addicting drama with a good plot. the ending is not so obvious and the casting is pretty good too.
About real love
This is a beautiful love story involving two men and two women. This drama tries to show what the real meaning of love is, the form of which seems to be dying from the memory of present day people. Through the true love of four characters with pure spirits, an example of the true meaning of love is shown.
Two men and two women fall in love with each other, not knowing how their destinies would cross and the twists of fate that would await them. They give up everything for their love and they continue to keep their only love in their heart even in the continuous adversity they face. This touching love story about these four characters will make us realize the pure sensibility of love, which people nowadays are often forgetting in their daily lives.

About deep friendship of men
Two friends who promised to be each other's mountain of strength in any adversity they encountered, unfortunately fall in love with the same girl at the same time.
The friends now suffer from the agony of being torn between a love and a friendship. But both of them chose to give up their own feeling of love instead of betraying a friend.

About the intense life of artists
This drama also points out the real value of our life as being seen through the passion and love of genius and of the value of following your dreams. You will probably be reminded of your own heartfelt dreams which you may have held in the past by the hard but passionate life of artists, who devoted themselves to works, seeing its difficulties as part of their fate.

http://img.sbs.co.kr/tv/beautidays/perfor_1.gif http://img.sbs.co.kr/tv/beautidays/perfor_7.gif http://img.sbs.co.kr/tv/beautidays/perfor_2.gif

http://img.sbs.co.kr/tv/beautidays/perfor_4.gif http://img.sbs.co.kr/tv/beautidays/perfor_3.gif


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http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b226/rubes7/gifs/z_MMEDIA5.gif Beautiful Days episodes with English subs in MU

These episodes made possible by Hyc, our thanks for the original sharing

EPISODE 1 Part 1 Part 2

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Lee Min-chul (Lee Byung-hun)
Decisive and arrogant, Min-chul is the son of Lee Sung-chun. His father's marriage leads to a long-standing hostility with his step-brother, Lee San-jae. His greatest concern is his sister, Min-ji, who is rebellious and confused in life. He is strongly attracted to Yeon-soo and opens his heart to her however, the realisation of his father's past crime threatens to destroy his newly found happiness.


Kim Yeon-soo (Choi Ji-woo)
Gentle and optimistic, Yeon-soo is an orphan with a zest for life and dreams of being an artist. She devotes her sisterly love to Sae-na, despite their misunderstanding. As Min-ji's governess, she patiently guides her in life, in spite of Min-ji's hostility. Despite San-jae抯 affection for her, she stands firm in her love for Min-chul however her illness lands her in an emotional struggle of her love for Min-chul.


Lee San-jae (Ryu Si-won)
Kind at heart, San-jae is the son of Lee Yong-jun and Jang Myong-ja. Faced with Min-chul's hostility since young, he attempts to bridge their differences, however, his affections for Yeon-soo further widen their relationship. With a deep passion for music, he explores his talent under a pseudonym, Zero. The realisation of Yong-jun's actual death and his actual birthright corners him into a dilemma.


Kim Sae-na (Lee Jung-hyun)
Wilful but kind at heart, Sae-na harbours dreams of being a successful singer. Orphaned since young, she finds a friend in Yeon-soo but her misunderstanding towards Yeon-soo creates a rift in their sisterly love. Sae-na develops a crush on San-jae but is dismayed to learn of his affections for Yeon-soo, this further threatens her trust for Yeon-soo. However, Yeon-soo's sincerity and illness touches her and they rebuild their relationship.


Lee Min-ji (Shin Min-ah)
Hostile and rebellious, Min-ji is estranged from her father because of his marriage to Myong-ja. Her only solace is Min-chul, whom she adores and respects. She deems Yeon-soo's presence as an intrusion and Yeon-soo's affection for her brother rakes her jealousy. However, Yeon-soo抯 patience and sincerity tugs at her heart and she embraces their friendship whole-heartedly. Sung-chun's scandal forces her to mature rapidly and she abandons her rebellious nature.


Kang Na-rae (Lee Yu-jin)
Boisterous and helpful, Na-rae is Yeon-soo抯 closest friend and confidante. She showers her with much care and shares her responsibility for Sae-na . She strongly objects to Yeon-soo抯 love for Min-chul due to the discrepancy in their status, however, she later plays a major part in their reconciliation. With Sae-na's step into stardom, she fulfils her dreams of being an artiste manager.

Lee Sung-chun (Lee Jung-kil)
Sung-chun accidentally killed his best friend, Lee Yong-jun over a dispute. Carrying a torch for Yong-jun's wife, he keeps his crime a secret and married her, resulting in a rift with his own children. Upon Kyong-hee抯 return, his secret is exposed which leads to Myong-ja's suicide. The scandal takes a toll on his business and destroys his relationship with San-jae, however, he finds comfort in Min-chul and Min-ji's forgiveness.

Jang Myong-ja (Lee Kyong-jin)
Kind-hearted and submissive, Myong-ja is a victim of circumstances. For the sake of her son, San-jae, she agrees to marry Sung-chun after her husband's death, which incurs the wrath of his children. When Min-chul finally realises the truth, his amiability warms her and she looks forward to better days ; unfortunately, the truth of Yong-jun抯 death crumbles her, guilt-stricken, she turns to suicide.

Yang Kyong-hee (Lee Hee-hyang)
A famous singer in her heyday, Kyong-hee was framed by Sung-chun for a drug charge. She learns of Yong-jun's death and is unable to forgive Myong-ja for remarrying. Upon learning of Sung-chun抯 involvement in Yong-jun抯 death, she leads San-jae to the truth and convinces him to seek revenge for his father. Impressed with Sae-na's talent, she offers her an opportunity to be a singer.

Source: english.tour2korea.com, beaudays.tripod.com & PlanetBH0712

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[updates] CHOI JI WOO

Translation by Hyc at CJW-soompi.com

February 15, 2008

Choi Jiwoo devotes time to charity work


Top star Choi Jiwoo抯 sincere action is very touching. Recently, Choi Jiwoo and her fan club "starjiwoo" members went to do voluntary work at an orphanage. She prepared the food, and also squatted on the floor to help them cleaning up the dishes.

The netizens who had seen the photos posted at starjiwoo website praised her highly: "With little make-up, together with the children, one can feel the off-screen charming personality of Choi Jiwoo. Not only the face is angelic, her heart is pretty too."

Choi Jiwoo continuously and relentlessly devotes herself to voluntary activities. It may be said that she represents one of the entertainment circle charitable stars. For more than 5 years, she and starjiwoo members frequently provide free food for lonely old folks and actively participate in helping unfortunate neighbors.

Chosun.com Chinese edition

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/rubie612/beautifuldays/starjw/th_20082181136.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/rubie612/beautifuldays/starjw/th_0213_54_copy.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/rubie612/beautifuldays/starjw/th_0213_50_copy.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/rubie612/beautifuldays/starjw/th_0213_48_copy.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/rubie612/beautifuldays/starjw/th_0213_47_copy.jpg

Captures courtesy starjiwoo.com

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[News] Lee Byunghun, Choi Jiwoo, Lee Miyeon

February 6, 2008

Translated gist provided by Hyc at EverythingLBH, soompi.com from kr.news.yahoo.com

Lee Byung Hun, Choi Ji Woo and Lee Mi Yeon enter Hollywood type agency management


"Hollywood system" is introduced in promoting them, and several stars and others are already moving under such system.

According to the system, an agent divides existing management business between a manager and an agent (entertainment plan person), and makes sure that he'll take charge of only performing artist's contract business (with broadcast firm, movie firm, drama making company and advertising agency).

BH Entertainment, founded independently by top star Lee Byung Hun is said to be leading a domestic agency as well as managing overseas agent work. This company's vice president Mr. Song has been professionally in charge of the Japanese marketing of LBH since 2002. He is now personally handling Choi Jiwoo's work in Japan. At present CJW's belonging company is Olive 9. But a contract for overseas business progress is made separately with another agent (i.e BH Ent).

In a related update, Korean-American artiste/international model Ursula Mayes had signed up with BH Entertainment.

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CJW vs Yeonsoo

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/rubie612/beautifuldays/starjw/0213_57_copy.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y59/rubie612/beautifuldays/starjw/ys13.jpg

iniaroonz Publish time 20-2-2008 07:43 AM

I like this story very much...:$tengok 10 kali pun tak jemu.....:loveliness:

NonaNaga Publish time 20-2-2008 07:46 AM

sukanya Nona.....ada thread khas BD lagi sekali.....

nzhass79 Publish time 20-2-2008 08:25 AM

lama aku tunggu BD nyer umah baru.....
Diantara korean drama yang menyentuh hati ;P

katt, lame tak nampak???
ape citer oppa sekarang??

katt Publish time 20-2-2008 12:44 PM

Thanks to Hyc-EverythingLBH for the gist

BH Entertainment is the agent for CJW in Japan.

BH Entertainment<韓国語>(チェ・ジウの日本エージェント)

Source: CJWFC "Lily"



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Too bad, BD macam tak pernah masuk Malaysia >.<

Thanks to kdramafanusa-soompi.com for the highlight

February 20, 2008

Malaysian love affair with Korean TV dramas

In the last few years, Korean films, TV dramas and pop music have become immensely popular abroad, a phenomenon known as the Korean Wave. This is the twelfth in a series of essays by a select group of foreign scholars and journalists looking at the spread of Korean pop culture in Southeast Asian countries and beyond. - Ed.

My love affair with Korean TV series began with a ring tone.

In April 2002, while at work in my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, my colleague`s mobile phone rang. The tune was refreshing, melancholic and melodic.

Later, I discovered that the tune was the theme song of a Korean drama series titled "Winter Sonata," which was directed by Korean director Yun Seok-ho.

The tune opened my eyes to the posters of Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo, who are the stars of "Winter Sonata," on window shops of video rental stores and travel agencies (which were capitalizing on their popularity to sell South Korean tours).

It seemed in Kota Kinabalu, which is a four-hour flight from Seoul, there was no escaping the "Winter Sonata" phenomenon. For example, the wind-swept haircut of Bae was as popular as Jennifer Aniston`s hairstyle in the 90s sitcom "Friends."

A month later - after a captivating and tantalizing wait - I watched the first episode of "Winter Sonata," which is a love story with South Korea`s entrancing winter scenery as a backdrop.

It did not disappoint. The heart-tugging storyline of star-crossed lovers became as addictive as bulgogi. And 1.5 million Malaysians also became addicted to the series, gluing their eyes on the TV screen whenever each episode was on.

"This drama has captivated the hearts of Malaysians who are family-centered and sensitive to emotions. It has left deep impressions in the hearts of Malaysian viewers of Malay or Chinese descent, regardless of race or religion," wrote Cho Chul-ho, a visiting Korean scholar to the University Malaya, in his dissertation titled "Korean Wave in Malaysia and Changes of the Korea-Malaysia Relations."

"Winter Sonata" was the first of the Korean Waves to crash onto Malaysian shores. A tsunami of Korean TV series such as "Autumn Fairy Tale," "Joyful Girl," "My Love, Patsi," and "Jewel in the Palace" followed its success. "Jewel in the Palace" which showcased Korean food was as addictive as "Winter Sonata" - its lead actress Lee Young-ae is second to Bae Yong-joon as the most popular South Korean celebrity in Malaysia.

The next Korean Wave then swept Malaysian cinemas. It began with the blockbuster "Shiri," followed by the horror movie, " Phone." These films introduced Malaysians to South Korean movie stars such as Lee Jung-jae and Won Bin. Other Korean movies such as "Old Boy," "Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War," "My Sassy Girl," "Windstruck" and "My Little Bride" surfed to the Malaysian shores on the popularity wave of "Swiri" and " Phone."

"Because of a relatively stable social structure of Malaysia, Malaysians prefer South Korean films that comically deal with love stories, rather than movies with serious themes of war or violence," noted Cho Chul-ho.

Malaysians were also swept away by South Korean pop singers and groups such as Jang Nara, Rain, BoA, BabyVox, and T.V.X.Q. For example, when the Rain World Concert Tour poured to Kuala Lumpur in January 2007, my cousins scrambled to get tickets along with 10,000 other fans. They went berserk when Rain, who was wet during a man-made downpour, sang "I`m Coming." Although the pop star sang in Korean, he charmed his fans with his chiseled body and cool dance moves. Plus his Korean good looks helped.

A Korean Wave that brought benefits to my business, CyberLab, which is a multimedia center, was Ragnarok. The online computer game had us scrambling to supply prepaid coupons in order to play it. Ragnarok, with its Koreana fairytale scenery and cute graphics appealed to a broad base of teenagers and young adults no matter male or female.

How did something foreign like the Korean Wave come to sweet Malaysia, which is a multiracial country?

There were two views on the success of the Korean Wave, according to Cho.

"The first view is that the South Korean programs feature Korean nationalism reflecting the unique Korean way of thinking and mode of living," he noted.

"The other view is that South Korean programs are based on global universalism that can win sympathy from anyone, regardless of gender, race or religion. Malaysians may have been attracted to the beautiful Korean landscape and the unique Korean ways of thinking and living, including the snow in winter, foliage in autumn and traditional costume and foods, as they have never seen these kinds of things in Malaysia."

What attracted me to "Winter Sonata" was the self-sacrificing love of the hero, Joon-sang (Bae Yong-joon), toward Yu-jin (Choi Ji-woo, the heroine). To me that was how a man should be. For example, when Joon-sang thought that he would die, he asked Yu-jin to return the star polaris necklace which he gave her and then threw it into the sea so there would not be any reminder of him after he dies.

Bae was a hero for me. I bought his posters. And I immersed myself in all things Korean. I downloaded the "Winter Sonata" ring tone on my mobile phone and screensaver, with scenes from the series to my computer. I ate Korean food instead of Malaysian cuisine.

And I frequented this little piece of heaven - located near a beach that faces the South China Seas - which Sabahans dubbed as "Little Korea." At first this little piece of heaven was overwhelmingly foreign as it housed Korean-owned sundry shops, cafes, internet cafes, spas and restaurants. But soon I was getting to know a little bit about Korea. And loving it.

For instance, a can of grape juice with jelly, which is produced by Lotte, a South Korean company, became my favorite drink. The name of the drink escapes me, as it was written in Korean.

It seemed it was not only me who became interested in South Korea. According to Cho, the Korean Wave led Malaysians to take greater interest in Korea`s society and culture and therefore stimulated curiosity about the Korean language and Korean studies.

katt Publish time 20-2-2008 01:00 PM


"Winter Sonata" not only tugged at my heart, but also my stomach. In my forays to Little Korea, dishes like kimchi and bulgogi became as familiar as nasi lemak, which is a popular Malaysian dish.

Malaysians also became more curious about Korean. "A Jewel in the Palace," which featured traditional Korean food, played a major role in bringing these changes to Malaysia, Cho noted.

"Five new Korean restaurants named Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) have opened in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to the boom of the Korean Wave trend, exports of kimchi to Malaysia increased by 150 percent," he said.

The wave led many Malaysian tourists to visit South Korea. The number increased year by year - 55,848 in 2001, 82,720 in 2002 and 90,623 in 2003. The attractions of South Korea were its traditional food (including samgyetang which was introduced by the drama series "Jewel in the Palace" , sites where "Winter Sonata" was filmed (such as Nami Island, where the lovers had their first date) and Chuncheon (Bae Yong-joon`s character`s hometown).

I too was among the thousands of Malaysians visiting South Korea. In September 2005, when I arrived at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, I could not believe that I was in the land of Korean TV series.

I found Seoul was exactly what I imagined it to be. The next few days was dedicated to exploring Seoul. I bargained using funny sign language and a huge calculator at Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets.

As I meandered in the bustling street, I was on the lookout for Choi Ji-woo or even Bae Yong-joon - but I did not see my idols. I also tried the famed kimchi spicy soup in a small street stall, which looked like those in the Korean TV series. I, however, took a rain check on the soju as I knew from drinking it in Sabah that it was very strong.

Before watching "Winter Sonata" my impression of South Korea was that it possessed weapons of mass destruction (oops, looks like I confused it with North Korea) and it had a rigid authoritarian government (again, maybe I was thinking of the North). However, the series and my visit to Seoul gave me a better understanding of South Korean society and culture.

And I feel that a little bit of South Korea has permeated into me. As Cho wrote, the Korean Wave might have brought changes to Malaysians` way of thinking and mode of living by allowing them to have access to the Korean way of thinking and living.

"The most immediate changes include efforts of Malaysian people and students to gather information on South Korean TV dramas, films, and entertainers, and to form fraternities to share this information," he said.

"Teoh Chit Hwa, a Malaysian resident who caused a stir by announcing he would donate his internal organs after his death, was reportedly influenced by a South Korean TV drama. The Korean people`s sense of community, diligence and good manners as seen in South Korean TV dramas and movies can give positive influence to the Malaysian society."

I now live in Bangkok, Thailand where I still watch Korean series, but through the internet because in this city it is difficult to get Korean DVDs with English subtitles. Whenever I hear the "Winter Sonata" theme song being played in Korean and Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, it brings back wonderful memories.

By Vera Mopilin

Source: Korea Herald

katt Publish time 20-2-2008 01:07 PM

Originally posted by nzhass79 at 20-2-2008 08:25 AM http://forum3.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
lama aku tunggu BD nyer umah baru.....
Diantara korean drama yang menyentuh hati ;P

katt, lame tak nampak???
ape citer oppa sekarang??

Ada macam2 ceritanya, sekarang LBH di US.. di http://pandahunnie.wordpress.com/

Hi Nona & nzhass, katt ada.. here & there.. di board Asian Celebs (e.g Korean news thread) tapi terpaksa menyepikan diri sebab tak ada member nak sembang2 di forum ni. Tapi selalu teringatkan BD, jadi.. inilah dia sebagai kenangan untuk semua.

Segan juga asyik posting sorang2 tapi sebab still nak share pasal LBH, so .. kenalah tahan juga.:L

nzhass79 Publish time 20-2-2008 01:30 PM

Reply #14 katt's post

laaaa... ye ke? tp baru ari ni nampak umah yg baru ni kan?
bukan ke umah lame dah tutup...
cari gak thread ni lame dullu....

biler ada kengkawan tanyer citer ape paling best, aku akan ckp citer BD ni diantara yang paling best.... yang aku syorkan diaorang tgk..... :D

wbsJUE Publish time 20-2-2008 01:31 PM

uuu..katt!!! rindu nyer..baru je ternmpk rumah baru nih..ekeke..nnti saya PM katt k..sekarang tgh bz..x sempat nak borak pjg2...nway, thanks n congrats utk rumah baru nih!!:lol: :loveliness:

kayla Publish time 21-2-2008 12:07 AM

katt ..welcome back ...bogoshippo ....
lama sgt tak nampak katt kat rumah BD ....

betul ke rumah lama dah kena tutup ....?
sedihnyeeeee ;P

movie oppa yg tajuk 'the bad, ...' tu dah tayang ke?
sonyap aje ...

katt Publish time 21-2-2008 01:15 PM

Originally posted by iniaroonz at 20-2-2008 07:43 AM http://forum3.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
I like this story very much...:$tengok 10 kali pun tak jemu.....:loveliness:

Hi iniaroonz, welcome to Beautiful Days.

Memang tak jemu tengok BD.. lagi tengok & discuss about it.. lebih appreciate the storyline, chemistry & acting even more. :loveliness:

katt Publish time 21-2-2008 01:21 PM

Reply #15 nzhass79's post

Memang baru je start thread BD (part 2) ni sejak yang original kena tutup hari tu. Actually, saya tunggu jugak kalau ada siapa2 nak start/buka rumah baru ni.. tapi semua senyap je. :$

Di board Asian Celebrity.. rasa macam.. orang luar.. entahlah.. sunyi je. Rasa2nya news updates & articles K-entertainment yang dipost di situ pun tak ada yang baca. :L

katt Publish time 21-2-2008 01:23 PM

Reply #16 wbsJUE's post

Hi Jue, Welcome Back!

jangan lupa PM nanti.. ingatkan dah lupa pasal BH. :o
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