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Advanced Combat Rifle (Singapore)


Also designated ACR. Not to be confused with the United States Advanced Combat Rifle project and the Steyr ACR. Little is known about this project/weapon, except that it is very similar in looks and design to the SAR-21. It is assumed that this is either a SAR-21 prototype, or a hand-built weapon made to illustrate the requirements of the Singapore Armed Forces new infantry weapon replacement for the ageing M16S1 in service.


All comparisons will be done with respect to the SAR-21 rifle.

It is of bull-pup design, made of plastic materials. The charging handle, like the SAR-21 is located on the top and ambidextrous but much smaller in design and lacking non-slip grooves.

Unlike conventional bullpups (and also the SAR-21) in which the bolt assembly seals the ejection port (when bolt is closed) this rifle utilises a dust cover. While the SAR-21's scope/carrying handle is encased in non-slip rubber to prevent slipping, the ACR's scope/carrying handle does without the rubber and is marked with non-slip grooves instead.

The rifle sling is mounted on the left side of the rifle via retainer lugs on both ends (like the Steyr AUG) instead of from the top ends.
The Laser Aiming Device (LAD) is located on the top of the barrel instead of at the bottom. The hand guard is slightly rounded at the bottom with lined grooves. There is a kevlar cheek plate on the left side of the butt to protect the user in the case of chamber explosion or other forms of catastrophic failure. The kevlar plate appears to be a separate component on the exterior of the weapon and can be removed with the use of tools.

There are also what seem to be rails at the bottom of the butt to mount accessories, although its use is unknown.

There are markings on the side of the weapon just above the magazine cavity, designated ACR-P1 (the P1 indicates that it is a prototype) with the serial number below it.

It must be noted that this weapon must be at least related in development to the SAR-21 as the essential components are the same; the integral 1.5 scope, the integral LAM and the Kevlar cheek plate are commonplace on both rifles.

Only very few prototypes exist. It is not known if they have seen active service. As of writing, all the existing pieces are either being kept in storage or damaged beyond repair and have thus been disposed of.


myohmy Publish time 3-2-2008 02:42 AM

not so radical design...just a bit of touch up here n there

mentosonline Publish time 3-2-2008 08:09 PM

If I'm not wrong ST Kinetics is working with DSTA on a new integrated grenade launcher/rifle with an infrared aiming sight. As always, there are few details. Maybe this rifle is the testbed prototype where the new design will be based on.

Debmey Publish time 3-2-2008 08:28 PM

The rifle may look ordinary but it will fire a homing bullet that can follow its target and can differentiate between friend or foe.

kuihkoci Publish time 3-2-2008 09:43 PM

Reply #1 edelweiss101's post

wah.... this singapore produced rifle huh.... si bei ho indeed huh..... ;Psurely will piss off those g*ng kia here ..... ;P surely those g*ng kia will get si bei tu lan...... :lol:

Debmey Publish time 3-2-2008 10:05 PM

I think the mamak gang can certainly use one of these.

bbmasher Publish time 7-2-2008 06:21 AM

izzit me or the sar 21 look like tavor? was imi involve in their development?

jazim Publish time 9-2-2008 08:08 PM

Originally posted by mentosonline at 3-2-2008 08:09 PM http://forum3.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
If I'm not wrong ST Kinetics is working with DSTA on a new integrated grenade launcher/rifle with an infrared aiming sight. As always, there are few details. Maybe this rifle is the testbed proto ...

Looking on it at first, I thought it is SAR-21....

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