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I.R Iran Automobile (Kereta Dan Motorsikal Iran)

heres a picture of the engine and some info I translated from a farsi article!
The article is from october though, and it claimed ICKO will start gradually install
the national engine from 2006 to Iranian new year 2006!
That is from mars 21st all Samands rolling out from the factories should have
iranian engines!

English translated summary:

The first fully iranian built national engine is on its testing stage
i Germany and so far everythings looks bright!
Initially a project was started where german and iranian worked together
to develope an engine, when that was completed the iranians started two
independent projects for a 1.4 liter engine and a 1.7 liter turbo charged.

Now both engines are being tested in Germany by german supervision.
Both engines can be run on regular gas or CNG (compressed natural gas.
The 1.7 cc developes 112 hp run on gas while on CNG 110 hp.

The engine is developed to be put into all Iran Khodros "SAMAND" cars
and is to be exported to some 30 countries in the middle east, central
asia, and south and east europe to begin with next year.

END of summary


Iran Khodro Industrial Group


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2007 IKCO Samand Soren


-Satellite Navigation System
-Multi media system
-Airbag (I did not see any for the front passenger though but the article claims otherwise)
-Folding steering wheel
-Fully automatic seats
-Tention controlled seatbelts
-Automatically controlled A/C system
-Automatic and manual drives

Engine options:

-Current Samand engine (XU7 model,1800 cc)
-TU5 1600CC engine, Euro 4 standard
-National gas operated engines in both regular and turbo charged (7.1 liters)

IKO plans to have 12000 units produced for domestic consumption and another 10000 for export in the new Iranian year (starting March 21st).

Details in Farsi:

http://www.iribnews.ir/Default.a ... tent&news_num=90962








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rasyid Publish time 19-8-2007 11:15 PM

nice .. mesia bila nak buat enjin ala ala neh ..

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2006 IKCO Samand LX

1. Automated Speaking Computer (warning the driver for different things)

2. Full Leather Interior Optional

3. Air Ventilation For Rear Passangers

4. Car Bonet

Of Course things like:

- Power steering
- Dual Airbags
- ABS brakes
- MP3 player
- Alloy rims
- etc etc

are standard for the LX!









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IKCO Samand Sahel Concept




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WonBin Publish time 20-8-2007 12:38 AM

Design memang agak 'german'

True-X Publish time 20-8-2007 12:41 AM

oio iran dah nak ader keta ek....

gud effort.. nnt leh guna enjin nuklear lak..

assaffah Publish time 20-8-2007 08:09 AM

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Bagus Iran ni, mampu mencipta

HangPC2 Publish time 20-8-2007 10:08 AM

Originally posted by assaffah at 20-8-2007 08:09 AM http://forum3.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
Bagus Iran ni, mampu mencipta

Aku Respek kat Iran walaupun design kereta lebih ke arah perancis dan german tapi aku berminat dengan enjin dari Syarikat Samand CNG (compressed natural gas) patutnya proton dan petronas buat enjin macam ini lebih baik dari mengunakan NGV yang cepat habis tak sampai satu hari mengikut cakap pemandu teksi.

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OrangKita Publish time 20-8-2007 12:50 PM

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Gambor mcm tempelan aje....xpecialy masam org tgk keta ramai2.gabor keta terang sgt...:oanyway, mcm respect kat iran sbb bleh buat teknologi sdri..:D

shianghorng Publish time 20-8-2007 12:52 PM

May be better than our national car... :funk:

salleh_ts185 Publish time 20-8-2007 01:41 PM

huh.. bagus toi iran, suspek gue:funk: :funk:

HangPC2 Publish time 20-8-2007 02:11 PM

From 2007, IKCO uses Iranian developed engines like dual-fuel national engine for his new models. The German company Bosch has also shown interest in assembling the Iranian engine under license.


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orangdalam Publish time 20-8-2007 04:52 PM

jet pon dah kuar..amerika senyap je;P

ryo_takahashi1 Publish time 20-8-2007 04:57 PM

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perrgghhh.. perasmian henjin keta siap bawak Al-Quran tu... respek haku....

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ruffleen Publish time 26-8-2007 02:53 PM


Squall-Leonhart Publish time 26-8-2007 04:48 PM

Originally posted by ryo_takahashi1 at 20-8-2007 04:57 PM http://forum.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
perrgghhh.. perasmian henjin keta siap bawak Al-Quran tu... respek haku....
Tu la simbolik nak tunjukkan pada kita yang kalau kita hidup dengan mengamalkan cara hidup Islam yang sebenarnya pun kita bleh jadi maju. Macam Iran, sekarang ni mungkin still ramai lagi yang tak tau sesangat tapi dalam masa beberapa tahun lagi Iran memang ada potensi besar untuk jadik salah satu pemain dalam industri berat cam automotif laa. Tengok jer laa hasil dier, kualiti pun bagus. So bleh la kata berkat ikut ajaran Islam sebenar laa.

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2007 IKCO Samand Sarir



Engine type: XU7JP/L3
Fuel system type: Multipoint fuel injection ( MPFI) injection system
Number of cylinder : 4 cylinder in line
Minimum octane Number : Ron 95
Cylinder bore : 83 mm
Piston stroke : 81.4 mm
Displacement : 1761 cm3
Compression ratio : 9.3:1
Maximum power (Ch DIN) : 100 HP at 6000 rpm
Maximum torque (mkg DIN) : 153 Nm at 3000 rpm
Maximum speed : 185 Km/hGEAR BOX

GEAR BOX : 5 Speeds + reverse
Gear box ratio , 1st , 0.2894
Gear box ratio , 2nd , 0.5384
Gear box ratio , 3rd , 0.7812
Gear box ratio , 4th , 1.0512
Gear box ratio , 5th , 1.3428
Gear box ratio , reverse , 0.3CLUTCH

Clutch : Dry single disc
Outside bore : 200 mm
Inside bore : 132 mm
Performance : Cable controlCONSUMPTION

Fuel tank capacity: 50 liters
Fuel consumption (Manual gearbox) : 6.6/100(lit/km)
Fuel consumption (automatic gearbox) : 7.3/100 (lit/km)CAPACITY

Capacity of fuel tank : 70 lit
Emission level: Euro II
Boot(dm3): 5dm3 or 500 litres
Cooling system : 7.4
Engine oil (with filter) : 5
Gearbox oil : 2
Steering system oil : 1
Windscreen washer reservoir : 3.4
Engine oil type: total Qurartz 7000 10W40(recommended after 20000 km ) or Total Quartz 5000 (recommended after 15000 km )STEERING

Steering : Rack and Pinion - power assisted
Toe-in/ Toe-out: 1 0.05 or 5.0-6.0 mm
Toe-in: 1 0.05 or 5.43 mm


Battery : 12 V 55 Ah
Alternator : 80 A
Starter : 0.9 Kw

ECU (electronic control unit): S2000 or SAGEM2000
Out-of-town(based on ECE R84 standard): 9.2
Combined (based on ECE R101 standard): 8.5
Constant speed 90 km/h(based on ECE R84 standard):6.8
Constant speed 120 km/h(based on ECE R84 standard):9.2
Co emission with Catalyst Converter(%) : 0.5WEIGHT (kg)

Kerb weight : 1200 kg
Front axle : 716 kg
Rear axle : 468 kgSUSPENSION

Front : MacPherson strut
Rear : Torsion beam axleBRAKES

Front brakes (Disc) : Servo assisted dual circuit ventilated
Rear brakes (drum) : Servo assisted dual circuit
ABS (Anti-Lock braking system): optional
ABS (Anti-Lock braking system) type: 4 channels with EBD ( Electronic Brake Distribution) force system
ABS Model: MK 20E ( Continental Teves)WHEELS

Tyres : 185/65 R15 88H
Wheel (standard): steel 6J15
Wheel (optional): Aluminium 6.5J15
TURNING RADIUS : Hydraulic 5.5 m
DIFFERENTIAL : Front wheel drive and sun gear type





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orangdalam Publish time 31-8-2007 03:46 PM

tapi nama dia bunyik arab sangat daaaa..kasikla bunyik jawi pon dah okekkk..:lol:
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