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A Crazy Dream

I know it's impossible and quite ... impossible? but i just write. Anyone can correct me if i have any grammar or whatever mistakes?

My Crazy Dream

When the clock hit 12,
My eyes were so heavy..
No more energy to continue
The story book on my hands,
And fall into a deeeeep sleep.

Part 1
It's a thick fog
I couldn't see any better other than
A kind White paper in front of me.
Then the world go dark
Without signals, a bright light shine into my eyes
I close my eyes, almost immediatly
Then i heard a voice, that shouldn't be heard
"We love lights here"
It's from my book, one of the lines
I shocked, passed out

Part 2
Next thing i saw when i woke
It was breathe taking
Rainbows, butterflies
It's not from the show? "Care bear"?
Care bear appeared in front of me,
looks kind, buuut
it eyes glow red in a second, size into a huge
it came into a halt, pounded the ground
I leaped away

it mutated to some kind of ugly
i can't look at it face
badly stitched, scars
Malformed nose, month and eyes
I screamed, no use at all.
It catch me between it massive paws
meaning to flatten me
Dragons appear around me
It seems puffing up, and dragon was famous at

I thought i was roasted chicken
But instead, i was somewhere
The fire beneath core
I damned, at the place of Damned

A ungly hand reached me
I screamed, hopeless
Then came the voice
I struggling to open my eyes and see
Who was that? !
And i open my eyes wide.

it could be an worst
But no,
Just my mum, waking me
from the hellish nightmare
I realised i woke in cold sweat
Make a sick smile,
collasp back to my bed
Gasping for air........
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