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Tips to be happy, boleh cuba

[ credits to : the happiness equation ]

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three walks
- half an hour of brisk walking three times a week can improve happiness . a team of doctors also found that three thirty-minute walks or jogs even improve recovery from clinical depression .
- be more physically active as this can insyaAllah improve the condition of your tired brain .

the 20-minute replay
- writing for 20 minutes about a positive experience dramatically can improve happiness insyaAllah .
- sbb bila kita tulis sesuatu benda yg membuatkan kita happy , kita akan rasa macam sedang melalui benda tu lagi sekali . moment of happiness tuh . so , insyaAllah you'll feel happier .

random acts of kindness
- we can try do five random acts of kindness each week .
- macam tolong org buat kerja ke , kemas rumah , say good morning and hug your mom ke .
- this is so that you can feel good about yourselves ! Allah suka org yg menolong hamba-Nya yg lain , and kita pun naturally akan rasa happy bila org kata terima kasih subahanAllah .

a complete unplug
- try to give yourself a moment to not use internet or your phone . sbb bila kita banyak sgt masa guna phone , kita rasa busy and penat . kita rasa kita 'kena' main phone untuk rasa free or happy . or even sbb boredom .
- give yourself the right to feel bored . takpe pun kalau rasa cam takde benda nak buat , takde benda nak fikirkan . just enjoy this very rare moment that you have nothing going on in anywhere in the world . even if its for 5 minutes , alhamdulillah .

2 minute meditation
- try to get an app to help you with this . can do breathing exercises ke .
- i recommend the app stoic and headspace .

five gratitudes
- take a book and write down five things you're grateful for from the past week , or the past day .
- as Charles Dickens once said ,

" Reflect upon your present blessings , of which every man has many , not your paat misfortunes , of which all men have some . "

ease Publish time 2-8-2021 03:44 PM

Berkebun, kasi makan kucing jalanan and Cuba resipi baru makes me happy and less stressful.. Kalau start fikir yang bebukan je, terus g kebun, or keluar kasi makan kucing.. Sambil tu, sambil fikir.. From what I see, my decision making is more positive compare to buat keputusan masa tengah kusut, or masa baring idle kat sofa.

Wek_omeh Publish time 4-8-2021 01:43 AM

Kalau stress atau overthinking i suka main game colour2,dgr bunyi hujan atau muzik yg menenangkan

Mokmoh Publish time 4-8-2021 06:00 AM

Xth la skrg knpa addict sgt main game words puzzle,pntg ad ms free..

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wak_lu Publish time 27-8-2021 03:10 PM

belum jumpa lagi apa yg boleh membuat aku happy giler2...setakat ni aku buat2 happy je....hahahahaha

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ghalibboy Publish time 1-10-2021 05:56 AM

I am happy selepas kemas rumah dan rumah bersih dan teratur.

Manamana19 Publish time 19-10-2021 08:42 PM

Kemas rumah..bila rumah kemas hati pun automatic jd tenang.Paling puas hati kalau dapt buang barang2 yang memang dah tak guna kat rumah.Rumah jd lapang sikit.Ibarat macam buang problem yang dah sedia ada.Haha.

epal_putih Publish time 17-11-2021 09:47 AM

lepas kemas rumah
keluar sopink seseorang
lepak coffee house mana2 seseorang..
best jugak...
me time
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