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Queen Platform Bed Frames - Save For the Storage Bed
Most bedrooms have a lot of items that need storage. There are bedsheets, towels, seasonal clothes, duvet covers, and books. Most rooms, especially rental ones, do not have enough space for this. There is always something that is in the wrong place. You need extra space, but you cannot purchase a wardrobe or add any storage furniture in the bedroom.
Despite the limitations, there is a solution, which is a space-saving bed frame. It will save the organizational issues that you could be having. These are the right beds when the room is small, or you no longer have somewhere to keep your items discreetly.
Important Page: How to Choose the Best Queen Size Platform Bed Frame
Brimnes Bed Frame with Storage
Whether you need to store quilts or throw pillows, there are four large drawers for you. The brimnes bed frame with drawers allows you to solve your bedroom’s organizational issues. It has under the bed storage, and part of it is integrated into the headboard. The casters at the base make it easy to roll the drawers out. At the top of the high headboard, there are holes where you can put chargers and cables. To keep your mattress in shape and prevent sagging, the support has 17 layer-glued slats. They adjust to the body weight of the sleepers. If for some reason you do not like the mattress you are using, your options are not limited. You can use one with your preferred thickness thanks to the adjustable bedsides of the Brimnes bed frame.
Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed
This bed is a chic addition to your bedroom as it stands out with its beautiful diamond pattern stitching. The steel framework, sturdy construction, and wooden slats make it durable. The woven fabric upholstery is soft to the skin and easy to maintain. There are different colors that you can choose from. Be it you are using memory foam, latex, or spring mattress, a box spring will not be necessary. The slats for the queen platform bed frame are 3.2 inches apart and support up to 700 pounds.
AmazonBasics Metal Bed with Modern Industrial Design Headboard
Paired with the right mattress, this bed frame offers the ultimate sleeping comfort. The instructions on assembling it are easy to follow. Crafted of wood and metal in contemporary style, the dimensions are 81 inches long x 60 inches wide x 14 inches tall. Underneath, there is out-of-the-way storage to keep extra items such as bedding. It is convenient as you will not need a piece of extra furniture to keep stuff. The steel frame comes with 10 wood slats that have non-slip tape on them, and this offers your mattress reliable support.
The bed boasts quality construction with its non-loosening screws and noise-free design. At times, the legs of a bed could damage the flooring. This particular one comes with plastic feet for protection, and with even its capacity of 500 pounds, the floor will be protected. Its headboard has a hook-and-loop configuration to adjust the height.
Linenspa 14 Inch Folding Metal Platform Bed Frame
It is a unique 14-inch folding platform bed queen frame. It does not require a box spring which can be quite inconvenient. The frame is made from solid steel, it has anti-slip rubberized treads, and a grid surface to fully support up to 750 pounds. There is a clearance of 13 inches, and this gives you ample storage space. The bed is sturdy considering it is made of metal and this assures you that it will not break. Assembling it is very easy as you will not need extra tools to do it, and you can do it in less than 10 minutes.
Songesand Bed Frame with Four Drawers
Under the bed of this classic bed frame lies four large drawers that offer ample storage space. The drawers are neatly hidden so that it does not affect the aesthetic appeal of the bed. The casters at the base make it easy to roll out your storage space. To ensure that you can use mattresses with varying thicknesses, this Songesand bed frame has adjustable bedsides. Besides being sturdy, it has high legs and soft, profile edges. The bed is built to last for many years to come.
Nordli Bed with Headboard and Storage
This particular bed offers ample storage space in its six huge drawers. They are hidden underneath, and there is more space in the headboard. The latter has two shelves and two boxes for keeping small accessories and publications. The headboard is mounted on the wall, and its height can be adjusted, as per your preference. It first needs to be assembled before it is mounted.
The drawers close smoothly and silently to avoid noisy closing. Cleaning and maintaining it should not be a problem since, with simple vacuuming, it will be easy. The slatted base offers excellent support and comfort to the mattress.
Bedrooms and especially in budget apartments seem to be the size of a closet. All you can do is place your bed and forget about other furniture, otherwise, you will be cramped with no walking space. If you have a lot of extra items, then such rooms will make you disorganized. There will be throw pillows, sheets, and clothes where they should not be.
The solution is getting a queen platform bed frame with storage space. You will not stress about where to keep those extra items. The beauty of these bed frames is that they will not get in your way. They are not protruding from the Platform Bed Expert thus, no one will bump into them. They come as hidden compartments, lift options, shelves, cubbies, and drawers. It depends on the extra items that need to be organized.With most of these beds, a box spring is not necessary. A mattress is placed directly on top, and no comfort is sacrificed. If you are looking for a space-saving queen platform bed frame, this will be ideal. You can declutter the bedroom and keep your items well organized.

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