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Make up

Four college students get drunk together the night before their final exam.
They get so drunk that they wake up late and miss their exam. The four students go to the professor together and explain this elaborate lie that their car tire went flat when they were on their way to the exam. They beg for a retest, and the professor agrees.

The day of the makeup test, the four boys all arrive on time, completely sober. The professor looks at the boys, looks at his watch, and says “you may begin the test.”

The boys open the final booklet and to their surprise, they each only have one question.

“Which tire was flat?”

NekNgah Publish time 12-9-2020 12:09 PM

Hahaha.... mesti ligat berfikir macam mana nak bagi jawapan yang sama.

Professor 1 - 0 Students

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Kipaskiok Publish time 25-1-2024 07:17 PM

what country is this?

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Bambam12 Publish time 8-2-2024 02:29 AM

kantoi lahhh..hahaha

Vellfire Publish time 9-2-2024 01:19 PM

haha habislahhh

Mary_jane Publish time 25-2-2024 01:08 PM

Haha kantoi.

Wheeinout Publish time 5-3-2024 09:16 PM

Hahaha jenuh nak hint dkt member sblh supaya sama tyre
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