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When a charming stranger invites her to a party, a shy woman's fear of socializing turns into real terror.

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A prison guard gets off of work. When he discovers a bicycle on the road, he sets off to investigate the whereabouts of its owner.

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A Yelper gets more than he bargains for when he crashes a 5 star diner after hours.

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A middle-aged woman unhappy and lonely has a cold relationship with her daughter. Her efforts to stop her daughter for living failed. In her bit to find happiness she became a member of The Ping pong Social Club. However things turn for the worst.

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Sara is an overweight teen that lives in the shadow of a clique of cool girls holidaying in her village. Not even her childhood friend, Claudia, defends her when she's bullied at the local pool in front of an unknown man. Her clothes are stolen and Sara must get home wearing nothing but her bikini.

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Hey u...thumbnails u melampau la! Hahaha, t'kejut i mlm2 ni. I suke thumbnail yg passive aggressive jd u alls brani nk klik hehe..

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A mannequin searches for it's arms.

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Hey u...thumbnails u melampau la! Hahaha, t'kejut i mlm2 ni. I suke thumbnail yg passive aggressiv ...

dah nama pun short horror :lol:


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dah nama pun short horror

Hahaha..horrified! I xde telur nk buat mcm mana? Lol!

"Catcalls" explores the themes of street harassment and the idea of women being made victims in safe spaces like their own communities. In this fictional horror, the power is shifted and the predator becomes the prey.

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After mindlessly stepping into a fairy trap, a troubled teenager must save her little sister from a bloodthirsty fairy lurking in the forest, before it devours them both.

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After arriving at her BnB, Silvia quickly learns that her offbeat host isn't quite as harmless as she seems."The Lonely Host" by Lisa J Dooley

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She needed to get away from the stress of society. What happened next will haunt her for the rest of her life.“Alone Time" directed by Rod Blackhurst

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Very nice

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Episode 1 "Werewolves Are Real" : The PSI team gets their first non-ghost call. The team heads to a local farm where a worker has been mauled. It's gruesome and more than they bargained for.

Episode 2 "Exorcismed!": Sarah's elderly family friend, Mr. Wooverfelt, calls on Sarah for help because Mrs. Wooverfelt has been acting strangely. Turns out Mrs. Wooverfelt is possessed by an evil Demon. The PSI team is faced with its first encounter from Hell.

Paranormal Solutions Inc. is expanding! Armed with their new slogan, “We Believe in Everything!” six hapless but passionate, semi-successful ghost hunters attempt to grow their business and become real players in the supernatural game.

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Series Baru UXM, 'CERITA HANTU' dimana kita kongsikan cerita dan pengalaman seram anda hanya untuk hiburan dan pelajaran!

Kalau anda ada kisah2 yg menyeramkan, SILA HUBUNGI KAMI! DM & EMAIL KAMI! JOM DAPATKAN 100,000 Subscribers!

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Set in a small suburban town, high school student Dylan becomes worried when his popular best friend starts getting followed incessantly by the odd girl out. Her admiration seems harmless and innocent to his friend, but Dylan isn’t so sure…
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