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Social Media Copywriter

We are looking for a person that usetheir written language skills to create text for advertisements. They write things such as the jingles or dialogue used in commercials. This person specifically focus on producing material that will promote goods on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As part of their duties they will meet with clients to determine their promotional needs and then develop content for the marketing campaign. They need to have a clear understanding of the message that the client wants to convey, their intended audience and the appropriate tone for the material that will be presented.
Educational RequirementsBachelor's degree, Diploma
Job SkillsExceptional written communication skills, knowledge of social media platforms,ability to evaluate options and address problems
LanguageChinese, English (Priority) Malay

Required Education
We are looking for someone who have persue education coursein subjects such as communications or marketing. Practical experience is an asset, and some employers may prefer applicants who have trained to use Photoshop and Microsoft Office.Required Skills
A catchy slogan or memorable jingle can be a crucial tool for promoting a product, so social media copywriters need to be exceptionally good at presenting written information effectively. Professionals in this field must be familiar with a variety of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, and should understand how to use them. They also need to have good customer service skills so that they can identify their clients' needs and then develop a marketing plan that will be successful. Computer skills and knowledge of specific programs, such as Photoshop, may also be required. All copy editors should be proficient in written English, including grammar and spelling, because well-written content is more appealing to customers.How to ApplyCreate a simple FB or Instagram ads to pitch to us why we should hire you and tell us your expected salary.Email to jobs@imecnetwork.com.my

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Looking for a professional copywriter? Check out my friends and myself on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roobranding

We write company profiles, video scripts, product brochures, SEO articles, social media posts (FB, mostly), and more.

If it's a complete marketing plan you need we can also cover that :)

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When I hired copywriters for my business, I always asked them to show me the tests they write for themselves. Reading advertisements isn't fun. Moreover, even a copywriter with a good portfolio can sometimes sin by leaving in clichés and writing inanimate texts. For this purpose, the application creaitor.ai would be enough for me. Personal records are a completely different matter. My best copywriter is the author of children's fairy tales. She was shy to show me her work, but I convinced her. God, I teared up. I realized that I need this person on the team.
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