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Kitchen Helper

Kitchen Helper
Job description:-   Responsible for keeping the floor area neat.
   -   Keep everythingin kitchen areas clean and sanitized. They wash the tables, utensils, cabinets                      and equipment in the kitchen that are used for food preparation.   -   To get rid of thetrash on a regular basis. They replace garbage bags after the garbage is thrownand           wash it too to make it clean and free from odor.   -   Do foodpreparation. They work together with the cooks in preparing meals.   -   Assist the otherkitchen staff in unloading shipment of foods and supplies that are needed inthe          kitchen.                           -Kept everything in the kitchen in order. Theyneed to pile the pans, pots and other kitchen utensils                                  properly for ease in cooking.

* This company is looking for Malay :)

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