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The man smoked, indicating that he is worrying about these three things, are you

Everyone living in a modern society has a lot of pressure, especially men. Because he is married to prepare a bride price, buy a car and buy a house, after getting married, he has to earn money to support his family. And some men not only buy a car, buy a house, but also support their family, but even this relationship is not good. We can often see that some men live a healthy life before they get married, but they can't leave their hands when they get married. Why?

In my opinion, the man smoked, indicating that he is worrying about these three things, are you?

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1. Increased pressure on life

Modern people have a fast pace. If you don't work hard, someone will naturally replace your position. Therefore, it is inevitable for a man who is the head of the family to take on the burden of this family. Can be a man, even if life is so bitter, how much pressure, he can not say, this is the man's last responsibility, but also retain his dignity.

Therefore, they chose the good partner of smoke. When they encounter the pressure of life, they will pick up a cigarette and think quietly. He didn't want his family to suffer. He didn't want his family to know that he was under such pressure. Especially when the child was born, the man would go out and find an inconspicuous corner to smoke because he didn't want the child to see his decadent look.

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2. The contradiction between the wife and the mother

The contradiction between mother-in-law and mother-in-law has never stopped since ancient times. Even in today's era, families that can live in harmony with each other are rare. If the mother-in-law does not come together, it can only make the man embarrassed. On the one hand, the wife and the mother on the other, who can help. In the end, it can only be done between the mother and the wife. No matter what the fault is, I will take it to myself. He will bear all the pain. Even if he can't hold it, he can only carry it forward. No one listens to him complaining about his heart. Only smoke is companionship with himself. At this time, he can only pick up a cigarette to solve the uncomfortable feelings in his heart.

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3, feelings are not smooth

Whether it is before or after marriage, when men encounter emotional problems, they always like to use cigarettes and wine to anesthetize themselves. For example, when a husband and wife quarrel, a man sometimes speaks righteously with a woman, but a woman is not a woman if she is reasonable, but she can neither fight nor swear, but can only bear it there. The best way to do this is to order a cigarette so that the trouble dissipates with the smoke. If it is just a fight, the man will not be so sad, but if the wife is derailed, this is the most depressing, and the family is ugly. He can’t tell others that if there is a child, he can’t be embarrassed in front of the child. The man is really hard to say. So he would choose to use alcohol and tobacco to anesthetize himself. At this time, these two things are already his best companionship.

If your man suddenly falls in love with a cigarette, please pay more attention to her. Is it a matter of family that bothers him? If it is because of derailment that makes him sad, if he can forgive you, then hurry to the cliff, if you do not want to forgive you, then let go of the other side, so that both sides have a happy ending.

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