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More Than This

When we were in love, he promised me the moon and the stars but afer our break up, he treated me like I was nothing to him.That shattered me beyond recovery.I knew I should've listened to everyone when they told me that he was just a trouble to me but I was too in love with him and instead of listening to them, I kept on loving him whole heartedly.You must be wondering why am I in such misery right?This story happened 2 years ago when I was still young and naive especially about love.It started when I was in my Englis class.My friend and I were searching for seats when I laid my eyes on the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.My face felt hot when our eyes met and I quickly looked away to avoid his beautiful yet cold eyes.As a teenage girl who was so into love stories, I found myself feeling desperate to have a boyfriend and with that I told myself to brave if I wanted to have a boyfriend so at that moment, I was so proud to declare that the mysterious boy in my English class was my 'crush'.

Weeks passed and the only interaction I had with him was when he accidentally bumped into me while walking.The incident itself made me blush every time he crossed my mind.I thought to myself that I should really talk to him and be his friend and so it began.My mission to be friends with my 'crush' began the next day since I prepared the whole dialogue in my mind.After English had finished, I waited for him at the door.And then it happened.I finally talked to him.He was surprised at first but then he flashed the most adorable grin I had ever seen.

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Cerita tak habis lagi...nanti i sambung balik

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ayuct replied at 26-6-2019 07:13 AM
Cerita tak habis lagi...nanti i sambung balik

Ok saya tunggu {:2conggalo

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ceritanya habis dekat situ je :o

RinIna Publish time 23-12-2021 12:19 PM

Hermmm... cerita tergantung lagikkk.. hampeh betullah
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