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The benefits of loquat honey:

The benefits of loquat honey:
1. Diminish inflammation
Loquat honey is a kind of natural material which can resist the decay, can be stored for decades is not bad, scientists proved through the experiment, this natural material for a variety of pathogens in the body function to kill. Therefore, people eat loquat honey can treat various inflammation of the respiratory and digestive tract.
2. Antitussive and expectorant effects
Loquat as fruits is one of the best fruit in the antitussive expectorant, and the loquat honey is the essence from loquat, the loquat honey contains the most effective element for cough, and the process of reprocessing and mellowing of loquat honey solution by bee make the effect more thoroughly.
3. Improve human immunity
Loquat honey contains a variety of enzymes, these enzymes with the minerals the body absorbed have the effect of improve immune efficacy, and also have excellent therapeutic effects for people with low resistance to colds and sore throats.

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