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Analysis on the Advantage and Application of FTM Sand Dryer

Sand dryer is a kind of common sand drying equipment, it has the unique drying effect on quartz sand, pebble sand, river sand, mineral powder, coal cinder, etc, with the reliable operation, strong adaptability, high efficiency, large throughput and high quality, so the sand dryer is widely used in many industries. This passage is the introduction of the application, advantage, and price for the sand dryer.1.The application of sand dryerSand dryer, in accordance with the differences of the structure and the working principle, can be divided into single-drum sand dryer, double-drum sand dryer, three-drum sand dryer and rotary sand dryer. FTM sand dryer has good drying dehydration effect on a variety of artificial sand, natural sand, coal cinder, slag, etc., is favored and recognized by the users.1)River sand: The internal temperature of the FTM sand dryer can be controlled properly through the operational software to ensure that the drying effect of the river sand is good and the water content is low, then the dry river sand can be better used in building and road project.2)Pebble sand: The pebble after crushing and fine grinding, the resulting pebble sand after cleaning and removing impurity in the sand washing machine, can contain a plenty of moisture, so using reasonable sand dryer to dry the wet pebble sand will save more time and ensure the pebble sand with good quality and considerable price.3)Quartz sand: The quartz sand after drying and dehydration with stable chemical performance, becomes more wear-resisting and harder, it has quite significant industrial value, widely used in glass, casting, ceramic, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry and other fields.2. The advantages of the sand dryer1) The sand dryer with rotary body and lifting blade as the main components, is designed reasonably and scientifically with more simple and compact structure, smaller volume and less land occupation.2) The design of lifting blade is novel and unique. It has the functions of guiding, lifting and distributing to make the material contact with the heat source of sand dryer in a full and uniform way, and make full use of the heat energy to improve the drying efficiency.3) The scientific design of equipment operating parameters is scientific, the coal consumption and power consumption are lower than the other dryer about 25%-35%.4) The installation of anti-dust and noise reduction systems will eliminate all dust, noise pollution.5) The PLC automation design is easy to grasp the temperature inside the sand dryer, with simple operation and better drying effect.
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