JessicaJones Publish time 5-7-2017 10:49 PM

Go for passion, don't go for scope!

A lot of students don't go for the field they want. They go for the field, which has huge scope in the market. This results in a lack of motivation and dedication for them because they are just not interested in this field. Same happened to me and I have seen many do this, which is obviously wrong and mistake by the student. Lack of motivation results in students getting assignment help from the services & not concentrating on the studies.

Studies should be your passion, so go for passion- don't go for a scope. If you perform good at it, you will create the scope yourself.

CiliPadiSedap Publish time 6-7-2017 12:20 AM

i study accounting, now i work as pilot cargo aircraft, my passion is medic.

conclusion when do something do the best at the best on the best. im not clever enough to study medic especially amoeba, nucleus and all shit that my brain damage. i want to cure patient not study all shit looks like alien and ah chong athies face . im memorizebiology with drawing. at the end my biology B+.

accounting is good subject. but business law is stupid things. sometimes i dont know wheterim a lawyer or accounting? business law make my head banging and migrain. if programming code is to memorize syntax, object, class, variable, whileaccounting we have to memorize asset, liability, conceptual and fast enough to get balance sheetequal or balance. if something miss calculate then u in a deep problem. my lecture advice me dont be accounting or auditor unless u want to see sunrise sun down.   

pilot is suitable for me. im fly like thug life. i like surfing aeroplane in sky. its a peaceful mind.i fleet long haul from dubai to south korea, hong kong to heathroway airport. i love this job .

please try and error , life is not gonna fail unless u give up. cgpa dont guarantee good future.

JessicaJones Publish time 6-7-2017 09:55 PM

Definitely, CGPA doesn't guarantee good future. What I am trying to say is, that students don't go for their passion, they go for the scope.
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