CoolWarrior Publish time 22-5-2017 12:16 AM

Kesatuan Bus bad bad bad

Broke down in the middle of the road. Otw back to ipoh! All of us have to wait by the roadside for hours! Another bus came to "rescue" the passengers. Thats very kind of you! But! 8 more passengers are left in the bus which broke down due to the other bus was full! Wth kesatuan! made the passengers wait at the roadside in the middle of the night and arrive our destination 3 hours later! Dont ride on Kesatuan bus anymore again!

ckker Publish time 22-5-2017 12:44 AM

this is very bad

marla69 Publish time 22-5-2017 10:24 PM

Alalalaa kesian nya.
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