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Top 10 Favorite KDramas of All Time-by Dramabeans Staff

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Top 10 favorite dramas of all timeby DB Staff | February 10, 2017 | 444 Comments And here we are, with the last of our 10th-anniversary Top 10 lists! Our initial goal in doing these Top 10’s was to celebrate our 10th birthday, and while we didn’t quite make all 10 fit into our birthday month, better late than never?
girlfriday: Since we’re 10 years old all year long, I think it counts!
javabeans: We do intend to keep writing Top 10 lists, but this puts an end to our Anniversary 10 Top 10’s for the time being.
girlfriday: Our last list is, appropriately, Top 10 favorite dramas of all time.
javabeans: We opened this one up to the rest of our staff, and it was fascinating to see not only which titles everyone picked, but also their reasoning for going that way. One person might have been influenced most by character, another by plot, another by emotional response.
girlfriday: I had a lot of fun reading everyone’s lists, so we hope you do too!

There are great dramas that can be excellent fun while watching, but they don’t make my all-time favorites list without this one crucial element: feeling that perfect (or close-to-perfect) sense of satisfaction at the end. These are the dramas that make me sigh in contentment, feel that every minute was worth it, and leave a warm glow for years to come.
1. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Captures the turmoil of adolescence, with bromance and rock music.
2. Princess’s Man: One of the fiercest, most resourceful heroines around. Thrilling and romantic.
3. Delightful Girl Chun-hyang: A sentimental favorite! Funny, sweet, and satisfying.
4. Soulmate: Witty, refreshing take on modern love with a breezy attitude.
5. Joseon X-Files: Smartly written, mind-bending plot twists, wryly funny, and unexpectedly moving.
6. Return of Iljimae: Achingly poignant, beautiful, wistful. Not one false step.
7. Gaksital: Epic. Intense. It’ll shred you up and stick with you for ages.
8. Dal Ja’s Spring: Relatable heroine, sweet romance, uplifting take on modern careers and friendships.
9. Story of a Man: Sometimes dark, sometimes zippy fun—capers, bromance, and a satisfyingly matched hero-villain standoff.
10. This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: Both cuttingly painful and cuttingly funny, interwoven with hope and understanding.

These are the dramas that burrowed into my soul and took up residence there, leading me down countless imaginary roads where their stories continued and I never had to say goodbye. My favorite stories are the ones that naturally lead me to write a second season in my head, because the characters just refuse to go towards the light.
1. Answer Me 1997: My era, my youth, my story.
2. Misaeng: This drama is how I feel about adulthood. This explains my reluctance to be an adult.
3. Coffee Prince: My ideal romance, if the world were perfect.
4. I Hear Your Voice: Pure addiction in drama form. My favorite cohabitation hijinks and noona romance in one.
5. Return of Iljimae: Sweeping origin story of a hero full of loneliness and pathos.
6. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Grade A beef rom-com comfort food. Nom nom nom.
7. Gaksital: Sometimes history is the best drama, and ordinary heroes are the most extraordinary.
8. School 2013: The only drama couple I ship in real life.
9. Splish Splash Love: Such a perfect little dose of swoony fantasy romance in such a small bite.
10. White Christmas: Left me scarred for life. Why do I keep rewatching it?

I always gravitate more toward dramas with both intellectual and emotional value, so these aren’t just my favorites, they’re also dramas I would wholeheartedly recommend without a moment’s hesitation as perfect examples of what K-dramas bring to the table that other forms of television media rarely can: an unmatched sense of pathos, a complete story, and the ability to both immerse and transport us.
1. White Christmas: Gorgeous, dark, twisty, what-is-the-nature-of-humanity masterpiece.
2. Chuno: Manes of glory and abs and Jang Hyuk, oh my!
3. Tree With Deep Roots: That villain reveal is still unmatched. Also, Jang Hyuk.
4. Liar Game: Best drama villain ever, best hero ever, best mind games. #sixseasonsandamovie
5. Six Flying Dragons: It’s like my fifth favorite drama wrapped around my third favorite drama.
6. End of the World: Death and disease on an apocalyptic scale? Yes please.
7. Conspiracy in the Court: Gripping, depressing, uplifting, unrelenting, masterful.
8. Punch: Amazing villain, deft storytelling, out of this world acting.
9. Heartless City: Dark like my soul.
10. History of the Salaryman: Truly one of a kind, offbeat and hilarious. All hail Yeo-chi.

Take one look at this list and here’s what you can learn about me: I like my heroes flawed, my villains smart, and the darker and grittier the dramaverse, the better. My demands are simple, but hard to meet when it comes to all-time faves, and these are the stories that have secured an eternal place in my heart.

1. Heartless City: Bros before hos, and sometimes drugs.
2. Signal: Can you hear my still beating heart now? Good.
3. Bad Guys: It takes one to know one.
4. Story of a Man: Brainy is the new sexy.
5. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy.
6. Punch: Sock it to ’em.
7. Liar Game: Go big or go home.
8. Soulmate: This is not a love song.
9. Kill Me, Heal Me: I can’t split my love for you into seven.
10. Autumn Fairy Tale: Won Bin, the original Oppa.

It’s difficult to articulate my subjectivity and natural draw to my favorite dramas, but my final picks ultimately depended on my chemistry with the drama itself. Something in the narratives of these dramas sparked my inclination to fall into the stories head first and remain captured by them through the end.

1. Signal: Waiting for the walkie talkie crackle from Season 2 to let me know that it’s happening.
2. Healer: Clever and lonely night errand boy with adorable alter egos finds people he’d risk his life to protect.
3. Answer Me 1997: A nostalgia for young effervescence that woke up the fangirl I never knew existed.
4. My Name is Kim Sam-soon: The original mortified and unapologetic heroine who strutted away all her haters. She was my idol.
5. Misaeng: Life will always be tragically incomplete, but at least we’re trying to complete it together.
6. Dear My Friends: When I grow up, I want to be them.
7. Gaksital: Epically treacherous. Epically revolutionary. So. Freaking. Epic.
8. Full House: Imagine younger Rain playing himself and adorably dancing to “Gom Se Mari” to cheer up his cohabiter.
9. Queen In-hyun’s Man: Just keep kissing the Joseon scholar until he figures out what it means.
10. Famous Chil Princesses: The family drama that made me want to live in a family drama. Maybe Lee Seung-gi and Park Hae-jin have a little to do with that.

I don’t really have any particular theme or reasons for my top ten, other that that these are the shows that have grounded and increased my love for Korean dramas for one reason or another. And it’s difficult to condense into one sentence why I love them so much, but I’ll do my best — basically, I just love them because I love them, and that’s all there is to it.

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Favorite relationship, Bok-ju and Joon-hyung were perfect for each other in every way.
2. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Favorite boys, I’m still upset Eye Candy isn’t a real-life band.
3. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Favorite first Korean drama, the one that started it all.
4. The King 2 Hearts: Favorite downfall of an anti-hero due to love, also favorite second lead (I love you Earnest Bot).
5. School 2013: Favorite bromance, no romance could ever hold a candle to the love between Nam-soon and Hyung-soo.
6. Queen In-hyun’s Man: Favorite time-traveler (Boong-do will always be my ideal sexy nerd).
7. Answer Me 1997: Favorite bit of nostalgia… who can forget their first boy-band crushes?
8. Coffee Prince: Favorite cross-dressing drama, and my favorite first kiss.
9. Arang and the Magistrate: Favorite fantasy, the lore and world-building are still unmatched.
10. Heart to Heart: Favorite show I’ve recapped, I can’t even really say why, just that I enjoyed every minute of it.

As a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” drama addict, “favorite” primarily means “watched more than once.” Likely drama candidates contain memorable characters, establish a sense of ownership after experiencing the debut of now beloved actors/actresses, and exploit my weakness for an ensemble cast filled with oddball personalities.

1. Answer Me 1997: “The reason I like you? … Because you’re you.”
2. What’s Up?: students filling my soul with their stories and song
3. Misaeng: the joy and pain of an exquisitely crafted drama
4. White Christmas: it’s not the holidays without Merry Mad Mir-eu
5. City Hall: Kim Sun-ah at her best, both comedically and emotionally
6. Story of a Man: platonic ideal of cat-and-mouse games (plus Park Ki-woong!)
7. Harvest Villa: goes to 11 on the “dark and quirky” dial
8. Flower Boy Next Door: Webtoon Editor is my patronus
9. King of Dramas: Jung Ryeo-won *heart eyes* and “What would Anthony do?”
10. Coffee Prince: Waffle Prince is the only prince I need

This list is fluid and ever-changing—it’s what I love now, with a slant towards recent shows because my memory sucks. It also doubles as my “shows I hawk to K-drama virgins”-list. For me, these shows transcend culture, language, and genre, to make a full meal for my hungry heart.

1. Signal: I don’t think I need to explain this one.
2. Healer: Just so heart-bursting and badass.
3. I Hear Your Voice: Hits every single sweet spot.
4. Two Weeks: Grand High Oppa, Lee Jun-ki.
5. Secret: I discover revenge melos. Where were you all my life.
6. I Remember You: Creepy, funny and bleeding-hearty.
7. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Aaall the bromance forever! Scraping my heart off the pavement.
8. Faith: I adore old-fashioned romances, especially when they involve sword-wielding warriors.
9. Dal-ja’s Spring: Also noona romances.
10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: And youthful romances. Everything about this drama is unadulterated joy.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only take ten dramas with me, which ten would I take? Here’s my list as of this writing, but I can’t promise that a new show (or a new-to-me, but old show) won’t cause an overhaul in the future.

1. Answer Me 1988: Wholly satisfying on so many levels.
2. Healer: Swoony hero + plucky heroine = consummate romance.
3. School 2013: Teenage angst, wrapped in a perfectly imperfect package.
4. Coffee Prince: Whether man or alien, love conquers all (harbinger of #9).
5. My Name is Kim Sam Soon: Sassy protagonist changes the drama landscape.
6. Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs: A favorite friends-to-lovers tale.
7. Sandglass: Deservedly the drama of the decade, possibly the century.
8. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Puppy love packs an unexpectedly emotional punch.
9. You From Another Star: No one’s immune to Chun Song-yi’s charms.
10. The Lonely Shining Goblin: Flawed, but if you’re in the mood for melancholy…

My favorites are relatively recent except for a few oldies in the mix. I generally gravitate towards human and/or dark dramas with deft writing; eye candy isn’t even a requirement for me anymore! Perhaps because of my quarterlife crisis, I have a preference for pathos over sunshine and rainbows.

1. Misaeng: Jang Geu-rae got me TOO well.
2. Signal: The two operative words will always be “must” and “watch.”
3. I Hear Your Voice: I finally understood that the noona romance hype is real.
4. This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair: Writing and directing perfection.
5. The Producers: Behind the scenes drama never ceases to amuse me.
6. Dear My Friends: Aging is sobering, but there’s comfort in its universality.
7. Answer Me 1988: Warmed my heart like a mother’s home cooked meal.
8. Memory: Guaranteed inducer of catharsis. Didn’t mind crying in every episode.
9. Stairway to Heaven: My full-blown obsession with this one lasted many years.
10. Autumn Fairy Tale: Three beautiful actors + tear-jerking story = smitten K-drama neophyte, aged nine.

In the spirit of the Top Ten Countdown, I’ve divided my favorite dramas into ten categories. Granted, my selections may not be the best examples of their groupings, but when I’m in the mood for a certain type of show, these are my go-to choices.

1. Coffee Prince (Gender Bender): Proof that love is blind whether you’re man, woman, or alien.
2. Witch’s Romance (Noona Romance): The end all of noona romances. Plus, Park Seo-joon…
3. Healer (Action): Cheeky hero, plucky heroine, clever story, and beautiful action scenes.
4. I Hear Your Voice (Supernatural Twist): Adorable puppy love, and one of my favorite villains.
5. Descended From the Sun (Bromance): The main leads actually get out-chemistry-ed by the male leads.
6. Arang and the Magistrate (Fusion Sageuk): Awesome world-building and character development. And Lee Jun-ki is preeetty.
7. Queen In-hyun’s Man (Time Travel): An almost perfect show that redefines “long-distance relationship.”
8. Delightful Girl Chun-hyang (Old School): So, not that old school, but it’s the oldest of my favorites.
9. Secret (Melodrama): I watched, I cried, I angsted — rinse, repeat.
10. Scent of a Woman (Chemistry): Ignore the plot and just watch for any Tango scene.


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I love dramas with memorable characters which is why I probably favor shows with an ensemble cast or scene-stealing side characters. Effortless rapport between characters is the essential element of a good show for me.

1. Mixed-up Investigative Agency: Wacky, mysterious, and utterly brilliant.
2. Jejoongwon: The quintessential story of a remarkable underdog.
3. The Chaser: The monologues are pure gold.
4. Giant: Epic.
5. Signal: Riveting and suspenseful.
6. Queen’s Classroom: A thoughtful and sophisticated depiction of youth and school.
7. Kyung-sook, Kyung-sook’s Father: Four masterfully crafted and darkly funny episodes.
8. Bad Family: The perfect balance of outrageous comedy and family love.
9. Answer Me 1988: A nostalgic tale about family and friends that transcends time.
10. Resurrection: Dark, intricate, and an exemplar in its genre.

Some dramas come and go, but these have stayed in my heart. I gravitate toward them because they’ve withstood the test of time, and I’m continually surprised by how much I enjoy them even after multiple rewatches.

1. Jumong: Best ruler origin story ever.
2. Hwang Jin-yi: Why I still try Jang Geun-seok dramas, despite all the flops.
3. Empress Ki: No man stands in the way of this female badass.
4. Full House: Celebrity’s contract marriage and Rain’s cute jealousy face. I’m sold.
5. Stairway to Heaven: Heartbreaking in the most painfully addicting way.
6. Ojakkyo Brothers: Warming like piping hot duck soup on a snowy day.
7. My Daughter Seo-young: Family drama where every subplot is heartfelt and rewarding.
8. Family’s Honor: I love you because you love a dead man – the catch-22 hurts so good.
9. Nice Guy: Ultimate prickly ice princess story, with a twist of revenge.
10. The King 2 Hearts: You can never have too much Ha Ji-won in your life.

I’m surprised (and kinda embarrassed) that my favorites are nowhere near my Top 10 Objectively Best K-dramas list. Looking at it, I seem to love shows with female characters that I either support, adore, or am in awe of.

1. Delightful Girl Chun-hyang: Still waiting for my Chun-hyang ♥ Mong-ryong reunion, Drama Gods…
2. Splish Splash Love: Only Algebra can make Sejong fall in love.
3. Prosecutor Princess: No frying pans of badassery, but Unni learns lawyering while staying fabulous.
4. Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Geol-oh’s hero hiccups + Yoon-shik/hee’s nerdery = Move over, Titanic.
5. My Girl: Jun-ki’s hair is the least funniest thing in this show, and that’s saying something.
6. Dream High: Adorable Robot Suzy as a plot point. What’s not to love?
7. Heartless City: Everyone’s here for the bromance, sismance, and sexy gang war music.
8. W—Two Worlds: Really shocking and amazing start. I don’t regret watching it.
9. Tree With Deep Roots: I didn’t know a language’s history can be this bloody (awesome).
10. Age of Youth: My subconscious was split into five and they became roommates.

Happy big one-oh, Dramabeans! Now with dramas, I tend to gravitate towards the outrageously weird (fantasy, slapstick, etc.). But as I get older, the slice-of-life dramas sneak their way into my heart and, inevitably, my favorites list. So yeah, I like weird. With the occasional sprinkle of ordinary.

1. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: This will never be dethroned from its #1 spot. Never.
2. I Hear Your Voice: Redefined love for me. OTP moments still leave me breathless.
3. You From Another Star: Magic. Reminded me why I’m so obsessed with fairy tales.
4. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: So silly, loud, and downright wild. In other words, awesome.
5. Coffee Prince: The Disney of dramas – it’s just a classic.
6. School 2013: My go-to comfort show. It’s like a nice angsty hug.
7. Pinocchio: Can never have enough Lee Jong-seok. Or writer Park Hye-ryun.
8. Healer: Jumped on this bandwagon super late, but I jumped nonetheless.
9. Brilliant Legacy: An old guilty pleasure for me and my mom.
10. Age of Youth: My soul mate in drama form. ♥

When I watch a drama, I’m usually in it for the comedic hijinks and heart-fluttering romances, but sometimes I can’t help but factor in other elements like a heart-wrenching bromance or a terrifying villain. Therefore, my list is organized according to “the feels when” (TFW):

1. School 2013: TFW you realize your bro hated you because he loved you.
2. I Hear Your Voice: TFW your drenched puppy is so happy to see you that nothing else matters to him.
3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: TFW your boyfriend KNOWS he’s making your heart skip beats.
4. Protect the Boss: TFW “villains” are so hilariously ineffective that it’s endearing by the end.
5. You From Another Star: TFW Chun Song-yi brings out her rap game.
6. Master’s Sun: TFW skinship is the solution to your problems.
7. Descended From the Sun: TFW your boyfriend is a smart-talker but terrible liar.
8. You’re Beautiful: TFW you’re an ex-nun living with cute boys.
9. Sungkyunkwan Scandal: TFW your bro tries to stop you from getting yourself killed.
10. Liar Game: TFW you’re not sure who to trust in this world anymore.

I’m surprised to find a number of new dramas made their way onto my top ten list, but there’s no denying that the level of quality coming out of dramaland in recent years keeps surpassing expectations. For me, it’s about what characters stay in my mind and steal my heart.

1. Misaeng: Chief Oh is my favorite character of all time.
2. My Name is Kim Sam-soon: Oh wait, maybe Sam-soon?
3. Answer Me 1988: Crap, definitely Choi Taek.
4. Signal: Okay, let’s be honest, Lee Jae-han has his own list.
5. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: But… then what about meat-loving Mi-ho?
6. Oh My Ghostess: Kang Chef would never stand for this kind of indecisiveness!
7. Coffee Prince: Then again, Han-gyul would totally sympathize.
8. Autumn Fairy Tale: Look, Eun-suh had some real dilemmas, you’re being a baby.
9. My Girl: I know, let’s just drink away the confusion like Yoo-rin.
10. Queen Seon-deok: I meant to say, Mishil is the greatest ever… *gulp*

My favorite dramas have the kind of writing and acting that bring characters to life, so their journeys feel like my own. These shows follow their characters as they grow into their true selves, or fall in love with their perfect other halves—or both—and live on in my imagination to this day.

1. Misaeng: Has there ever been a more insightful, heartbreaking, glorious exploration of the human condition?
2. Signal: It felt like I didn’t breathe for sixteen episodes, and when it was over I wanted to do it again.
3. Coffee Prince: You never forget your first (drama) love—especially if his name is Choi Han-kyul.
4. City Hall: An intelligent, realistic love story between adults that’s also swooningly romantic.
5. Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident: A brilliant hybrid of revenge thriller and family melodrama.
6. Can You Hear My Heart: This family shattered my heart and put it together again, bursting with even more love.
7. Alone in Love: The various ways people love each other, and how to mend a broken heart.
8. Que Sera, Sera: A twisted, emotional love story that felt almost too real and vulnerable.
9. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Best coming-of-age music drama ever. Ever.
10. Tamra the Island: Park Kyu’s epic transformation is forever engraved on my heart.

Secondary relationships are what make a drama particularly memorable in my book, adding extra layers that give me much to appreciate long after the drama concludes. Great performances from a talented cast are a given, but it’s those special connections that give my favorites a significant edge.

1. You From Another Star: Funny and heartwarming.
2. Pinocchio: The dads hold a special place in my heart.
3. High School King of Savvy: A grandpa and his loving grandson.
4. Answer Me 1988: The veteran actors who played the parents.
5. Page Turner: Short but sweet!
6. I Remember You: Bittersweet bromance.
7. You’re Beautiful: So much angst!
8. Dear My Friends: Deeply talented cast.
9. Sassy Go Go: The sweetest triangle.
10. Scent of a Woman: Love this mother and daughter.


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iolss in the mood utk korek drama lama2 yg best (though drama skarang pun tk smpt nk kejar:lol:). boleh share top 10 uolss utk menyenangkan iolss mendonlod dan membuat pilihan

mod..if dh ada thread mcm ni..tlg merge yee..thankssss

fishcracker Publish time 15-2-2017 12:53 PM

Banyak nye drama uol tengok...iol baru je layan cinderella and the 4 knights,..xde dalam list ;P

Nanti iol tengok drama yang uol tepek sini pulak

irie^nad Publish time 15-2-2017 12:57 PM

fishcracker replied at 15-2-2017 12:53 PM
Banyak nye drama uol tengok...iol baru je layan cinderella and the 4 knights,..xde dalam list

haha..iols tepek dari website dramabeans je. iolss pun dok pikir lg ni TOP10 iols sdirik

drama yg editors dramabens pilih ni tk semua yg popular..ada yg mmg rating tinggi and ada yg underrated. tp tuh yg best sbb personal preference. dipersilakan uols utk check-out drama2 yg theyols recommend tu:lol:

Lorra2411 Publish time 15-2-2017 01:11 PM

1. Reply 1988
2. Rooftop Prince
3. Jealousy Incarnate
4. Signal
5. Reply 1997
6. Goblin
7. Oh My Ghost
8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
9. The Master's Sun
10. Splash Splash Love

Ini untuk iolss, banyak dah tgok tapi tak ingat :'(

Lorra2411 Publish time 15-2-2017 01:12 PM

akan datang mungkin Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

sebab tengah tgok, tak boleh nak review :lol:

nuril86 Publish time 15-2-2017 01:42 PM

tq tt... blhla sambil2 buat keje layan drama thru online... {:1_152:}{:1_152:}

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setelah gigih berpikir..iols dh ada list Top 10 all time favorite iols:lol:

mcm dramabeans jugak, ada banyak sgt drama yg iolss enjoy and suka tgk. tp yg masuk top 10 ni biasanya yg iols tk boleh stop tgk, and lepas abeh minit terakhir drama tu rasa warmth (regardless of sad or happy ending), rasa puas hati, worth every minute, tak pernah didelete dari external and most of the time akan tgk lagi.

Ada drama yg mmg iols puas hati dlm semua aspect (directing, script, acting, sinematografi)..ada yg strong dlm aspect tertentu shj tp overall well-excetuted. ada jugak yg simply sbb chemistry between leads . and ada jugak karakter dlm drama yg buat iols rasa mcm tailor-made utk pelakon tu smpai rs mcm tkde org lain dh yg boleh bawak watak tu:lol:

Not really in particular order (walaupun mcm ya):

1. Heartless City: I heart you, Doctor's Son. Never expect drug ring conspiracy could be this heartbreaking
2. Secret (or Secret Love): Heart-wrenching melodrama, sizzling chemistry between leads
3. I Remember You: Still remember the bromance:lol:
4. Capital Scandal: Han Ji Min only had 2 different wardrobes in this drama (or maybe 3;P), but the independence fighters' spirits during the Japanese colonization in Seoul and cute chemistry between leads drew me in
5. Reply 1997: Thanks to Yoon Yoon Jae, now I know the feeling of first love:$
6. Oh My Ghost: Throw pervy Park Bo Young and arrogant Jo Jung Seok in, I'm sold:lol:
7. Reply 1988: I feel like calling my mom after watching this drama
8. Vampire Prosecutor I and II: Now I need the third season
9. Shopping King Louis: The art of simplicity. Effortlessly funny and heartwarming
10. Sassy Go Go Go: The joy of being young. What will the future be for our educational system?

Worth mentioning:
1. Age of Youth
2. The Moon that Embraces the Sun3. Hogu's Love

banyak lg drama yg iols nk tgk tp tk tertengok (misaeng, the good wife, my beautiful bride) list iols maybe akn berubah:lol:
Sekian dr iolss

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nak join jugak . in my opinion lah
1. w-two world -   kreatif lah yang buat cerita ni.pelakon pun eye candy juga. heroin nak sama muka dengan song hye kyo
2. decsendants of the sun - cool cerita ni. both lead actors and 2nd lead actors menjiwai watak
3. goblin - gong yoo!! never disappointment me

banyak lagi cerita best2. tapi yg ni top 3 lah. tgh tengok now master's sun (lg 2 episode ) good manager (hensem juga heronya) :lol:

doctors -tengok separuh sebab i jeolous to the max tgk kim rae won belakon cium2 dengan pak shin hye. rasa nak marah pun ada.:lol:

nak tengok- punch (kim rae won again -and x da love scenes )

irie^nad Publish time 15-2-2017 04:36 PM

fatim0050 replied at 15-2-2017 04:29 PM
nak join jugak . in my opinion lah
1. w-two world -   kreatif lah yang buat cerita ni.pelakon pun e ...

punch best. iols suka. satisfying tp tkde la smpai rs nk ulang:lol:.iols suka KRW dlm punch tp doctors iols tgk smpai ep 7-8 je dpt nk teruskan sbb iols rs plotnye tk berapa strong. tp tktau la kalau dh pick up balik lps iols berhenti tgk tu;P

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Lorra2411 replied at 15-2-2017 01:12 PM
akan datang mungkin Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

sebab tengah tgok, tak boleh nak review

iolss br abeh tgk romantic doctor teacher Kim aritu:lol:. boleh paham nape rating bg iols ok la utk sekali tgk

fatim0050 Publish time 15-2-2017 04:45 PM

irie^nad replied at 15-2-2017 04:36 PM
punch best. iols suka. satisfying tp tkde la smpai rs nk ulang.iols suka KRW dlm punch tp doc ...

oh. nak kena tgk la. tapi baca kat forum ni banyak yg kata signal best gila. maka i nak tgk signal dulu pastu baru punch.
KRW tu i punya crush. so bila dia belakon romantik2 macam tu i tak boleh nak accept.hahahah. klu yg xda love scene byk2 tu ok la. boleh layan. macam gourmet.hehhehe

Lorra2411 Publish time 15-2-2017 04:47 PM

irie^nad replied at 15-2-2017 04:42 PM
iolss br abeh tgk romantic doctor teacher Kim aritu. boleh paham nape rating bg io ...

iolss baru episode 13, semua drama korea iolss tengok sekali je. takde pun ulang ulang kecuali Reply 1988. iolss jatuh cinta okay dengan Hyeri dan Ryu Jun Yeol.

RatuDunia94 Publish time 15-2-2017 04:59 PM

Byk nya drama best2.. Skrg tgh layan innocent defendant.. Pastu ulangan good doctors..

irie^nad Publish time 15-2-2017 05:34 PM

fatim0050 replied at 15-2-2017 04:45 PM
oh. nak kena tgk la. tapi baca kat forum ni banyak yg kata signal best gila. maka i nak tgk signal ...

signal pun best..mng besar cari awards haritu. kene pikir banyak sket kalau tgk signal

iols suka KRW ms zaman skolah menengah tgk my love patzi iols lg suka die dr kim jae won; tu femes jugak movie my little bride heols

dauswq Publish time 15-2-2017 05:53 PM

Edited by dauswq at 15-2-2017 06:00 PM

memandangkan tahun 2017 mark 10 tahun kegigihan aku menonton drama tak kunjung abis,,
aku list down top 10 drama terbaik pilihan aku dan top 10 drama feveret all-the-time:lol:

drama terbaik maksudnya drama yg bukan didasarkan populariti semata-mata, tetapi adalah yng terbaik hampir sempurna daripada semua aspek:loveliness:

manakala all-time-favorite pula, drama yang buat aku meroyan dan kenang-kenangan walaupun clinches ;P

Top 10 Best Drama Chosen by dauswq: (aku tak tgk misaeng lg, klu tertengok mgkn aku akn letak dlm list)

1. Princess's Man (2012) : drama saeguk psl politik kerakusan kuasa sehingga membawa kepada pembunuhan. Ianya adalah adaptasi daripada kisah "romeo & juliet". Lakonan Moon Chae won yg sgt stellar telah membuatkan aku sign up peminat dia seumur hidup.

2. Signal (2016) : drama kriminal penyiasatan yang dihubungkan dengan walkie talkie tetapi daripada timeframe berbeza. Bukan saja terbaik dari segi screenplay, ost dan directing, juga lakonan keseluruhannya.

3. Secret Love (2013) : Adaptasi moden daripada Wuthering Height, ianya berkisarkan seorang lelaki yang begitu dendam dengan seorang wanita akhirnya dia jatuh cinta. Lakonan Ji Sung dan Hwang Jum Eum yang hebat dalam menggarapkan emosi masing-masing layak untuk diperkatakan.

4. Reply 1988 (2016): drama pasal kekeluargaan yang pastinya mengimbau kenangan mereka yang hidup pada zaman itu. Garapan skrip yang sangat hebat dalam mendalami emosi yang diingin disampaikan.

5. Heard it Through Grapevine (2015): Thanks to gandingan mantap pengarah yang pandai mengabstrakkan kreativitinya dan penulis skrip yang suka bersatira, hasilnya ianya tak terletak pada luaran tetapi mesej secara sinikal yang hendak disampaikan. Drama ini sesuai ditonton untuk mereka yang intelektual. Recommended: Secret Love Affair!

6. IRIS (2010): drama bertemakan agensi risikan, yang membuatkannya menarik bila ada komplot dan konfrontasi baik daripada pihak agen risikan korea utara mahupun korea selatan. Saksikan lakonan mantap Lee Byun Hyung yang terserlah sebagai 'double agent'.

7. Punch (2015):Tarikan Punch bukan saja terletak pada kehebatan lakonan masing-masing tetapi keunikan garapan skripnya dalam mempelbagaikan idea untuk 'jatuhkan antara satu sama lain' menjadikan peralihan plot dilakukan sangat berkesan. Drama berkenaan politik dan kerakusan kuasa.

8. Jealousy Incarnate (2016) : Seperti juga Heard It Through Grapevine, drama ini memerlukan keintelektualan tertentu untuk memahami mesej yang disampaikan. Ianya berbentuk komedi tetapi disampaikan secara sinikal ('black comedy').

9. Baker Kim Tak Gu (2010) : Premis drama ini lebih kurang macam Romantic Doctors Teacher Kim, berkisarkan pada'willpower' dan motivasi untuk menjadikan diri berjaya ke tahap yang digapai. Seorang yang tak tahu apa-apa, tetapi atas bakat dimiliki, dia mampu mewarisi kemahiran mengadun roti seterusnya menjadi usahawan roti yang berjaya.

10. Coffee Prince (2007):Drama slice-of-life yang tampak sedikit bosan tapi olahan skripnya mantap dengan mesej. Berkisarkan seorang wanita tomboy yang terpaksa menyamar sebagai lelaki untuk bekerja di kafe kopi yang hanya menggaji pekerja lelaki yang cantik.

Top 10 All-Time-Favorite, chosen by dauswq :
1. Stairway To Heaven (2004) : Drama melo yang sangat klasik, seperti adaptasi cerita cinderella moden. Semestinya drama yang menuntut korang menangis melihat penderitaan dialami heroin dan betapa 'desperate' nya sang lelaki bagi mendamba kasih si wanita. OST Ave Maria sangat berhantu!

2. Sad Love Story (2005) : Berkisarkan wanita buta yang mempunyai bakat menyanyi dipisahkan dengan seorang komposer lelaki yang dicintainya sejak kecil. Mereka disatukan beberapa tahun kemudian apabila seorang producer yang suka pada wanita tersebut mula menjarakkan mereka. Pengakhirannya agak sadis. Recommended: download OST melo r&b drama ini, pastinya korg akan kenang seleksi lagu-lagu OST sampai bila-bila.

3. Succesful Story of Bright Girl (2004) : Sesiapa yang tak kenal Jang Nara dan Jang Hyuk semasa debut mereka, silalah layan drama ini. Merupakan drama korea pertama aku tengok dan dikenangkan sehingga sekarang.

4. Sassy Girl Chun Yang (2005) : drama komedi romantik garapan Hong Sister paling disukai. Simple dan dibantu ost yang sangat mentap.


Sunkyunkwan Scandal (2011) : drama komedi saeguk 4 sekawan + 1 gadis yang menyamar sebagai lelaki untuk menjadi ahli cendekiawan di pusat pembelajaran Sunkyunwan. Sungkyunkwan ditubuhkan untuk melatih para cendikiawan menerajui Joseon.

5. Greatest Love (2011) : Lakonan Gong Hyo Jin dan Cha Seung Won yang serasi dan kelakar semenangnya menjadikan drama tulisan Hong Sister ini sesuatu yang menarik. Berkisarkan seorang pelakon wanita yang sendu secara tiba-tiba dikaitkan seorang pelakon lelaki yang sudah terbina kejayanya.

6. 49 Days (2011):49 Days diolahkan secara fantasi , yakni mereka yang sudah mati dipinjamkan sekejap rohnya pada mereka yang hidup untuk mengubah sesuatu.

7. Another Oh Hae Young (2016):Drama komedi romantik yang mahal dengan OST yang sayu dan melo. Tarikannya pada lakonan hebat Seo Hyun Jin sebagai wanita yang cekal, berterus terang dan juga seorang gila-gila serta idea tentang heronya yang memiliki 'vision' melihat masa depan.

8. Secret Garden (2010) :Satu-satunya drama fantasi Kim Eun Sok yang paling disukai. Premisnya lebih kurang seperti 49 days, roh berpindah randah antara perumah. Menariknya, ianya seperti juga Goblin, disadurkan elemen melo yang buatkan anda terasa emosional.

9. A Love To Kill (2005) : Drama melo yang diekploitasikan daripada seorang yang mahu membalas dendam dengan cara memalukannya tetapi akhirnya tak semena-semena jatuh cinta padanya.OST instrumental drama ini buatkan korang terasa sayu. Pengakhirannya juga sadis.

10. Bad Love (2007) : Juga drama melo. Hero dan heroin masing-masing mempunyai sejarah silam di mana mereka telah dikecewakan cinta pertama mereka, salah seorang mencintai lelaki orang manakala seorang lagi kehilangan wanita yang dicintai kerana bunuh diri. Mereka berjaya mengubati luka, akhirnya jatuh cinta satu sama lain.


Love Story In Harvard (2004) : Drama klasik berkisarkan percintaan seorang bakal doktor dengan seorang peguam di universiti ternama seluruh dunia, Harvard.


3 drama Kwon sang woo menerajui senarai favorite all-the-time :lol:

meh sertakan korang punya list plak :lol:
@wonto@idakamaruddin@alien88@Syik_Gojet@wima@thafly @inaniloquent@hunt_fear@tuna_sandwic@amany@rukiaichigo@ayushuhada04

dauswq Publish time 15-2-2017 06:03 PM

honorable mentions:

scents of women, nice guy, rooftop prince, my loves from the star, reply 1994, my girl, master's sun

irie^nad Publish time 15-2-2017 06:10 PM

dauswq replied at 15-2-2017 05:53 PM
memandangkan tahun 2017 mark 10 tahun kegigihan aku menonton drama tak kunjung abis,,
aku list down ...

Nangis KSW kalau bc list ko :$

Sama la..successful story of a bright girl 1st drama yg ak layan dan moyan. Siap bli vcd. Teringat lg scene jang nara melukis guna make up. Rasa bijak gle ms tu :lol:

Menyeru geng2 tag @idakamaruddin, @Syik_Gojet, @wima, @alien88 utk join skali

dauswq Publish time 15-2-2017 06:23 PM

irie^nad replied at 15-2-2017 06:10 PM
Nangis KSW kalau bc list ko

Sama la..successful story of a bright girl 1st drama yg ak laya ...

aku start layan drama korea dengan gigihnya pun sbb kwon sang woo, drama pertamanya - sad love story kemudian disusuli dengan bad love dan stairway to heaven..
bile kenang balik, mmg 3 drama ni aku ingat sampai skrg :lol:

successful story bright girl ni tayang kt tv2 dulu
mase tu baru remaja lagi.. jang nara tersangatlah popular sbg idol dan juga pelakon..
tp sekarang ni, dia plak jd sendu :sweat3:
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