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Penganut agama kurang cerdik - Doalah dikurniakan akal

Pray for brains
Sunday, May 8, 2016
Kevin Baldeosingh

As I drove through Christian Village in Freeport at midday last Wednesday, I saw children in their primary school uniforms emerging from the normally closed Presbyterian church there: and only then I remembered that the following day was the Secondary Entrance Assessment examination. On Thursday, both the Guardian and the Express carried front page photos of praying children from Catholic schools. Presumably, similar scenes were being enacted in Hindu, Muslim and other schools throughout Trinidad and certainly Tobago.

But if God answers prayers from children to pass the SEA, then it would seem that Allah is the one true god since the Trinidad Muslim League (TML) primary schools in St Joseph and San Fernando regularly take the largest number of spots in the top 200 students. On the other hand, if God is only answering the prayers of the top ten students, then Bhagavan is the true god. However, if the prayers are measured by most students passing for their first choice, then the true god is the Presbyterian God.

Here’s the problem, though: there are numerous studies showing that belief in God is negatively correlated with IQ—ie, in a given population, the religious believers are more likely to be less intelligent than the atheists. But it would seem that this is not the case in T&T. After all, nearly all the country’s top students come from denominational schools and, when interviewed by the media, nearly all of them credit a god along with their teachers and parents for their academic success.

In this context, the success of the TML schools is especially interesting, since Islam is a very closed and anti-intellectual religious ideology. There are over 300 million Arabs in 20 countries around the world, yet Spain translates more books into Spanish every year than Muslim majority nations have translated into Arabic in the past thousand years. However, in T&T, in the TML schools the habits of mind inculcated by Islamic practice lead to academic superiority in this environment. Perhaps this relates to a ritual of memorisation inculcated from childhood in respect to the Q’uran, as well as the discipline of fasting and the tightness of the community. Similar factors also apply to the Hindu and Presbyterian schools, but not to Catholic and Anglican schools.

It must be noted, however, that the performance of these top students at the SEA, the Caribbean Secondary Entrance Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) do not reflect any general academic competence among the general populace. In fact, the achievements of our top students may not even indicate any real intellectual capabilities, at least not in respect to the requirements of a modern economy and polity.

A 2008 survey headed by psychologist Richard Lynn found that average intelligence in 137 countries predicted atheism at statistically significant rates: the higher the population’s average IQ, the lower its religiosity rates and vice-versa.

This is hardly surprising. All religions, after all, make factual claims—Adam and Eve, talking ants, reincarnation—which nobody with an analytical mind can accept, save by compartmentalising religious beliefs. But this effort in itself reduces the cognitive capacity required for first-rate intellectual work except, perhaps, in the most narrow technical fields like engineering. The psychologist Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi surveyed the religious backgrounds of Nobel laureates from 1901 to 2002 and did the following breakdown: 17 per cent were Jewish; 30 per cent were Protestant; nine per cent were Catholic; five per cent belonged to other religions; 14 per cent were non-religious and 25 per cent could not be determined.

Of the Anglophone Caribbean’s three Nobel laureates, biographer Bruce King writes that “Walcott thought and thinks of his talents as God-given, to be used for God,” while Patrick French in V S Naipaul’s biography describes him as “Rationalist, culturally Hindu with a dose of Trinidad’s practical Christianity.” I don’t know whether the economist W Arthur Lewis was a religious believer but, having read several of his essays, I suspect religion played little or no role in his perspective.

Relatedly, political scientist Christian Welzel crunched data to correlate democracy with knowledge-based economies and in his book Freedom Rising records two such economies which were not democratic—Singapore and Hong Kong—and two democracies which were not knowledge economies: South Africa and T&T. In other words, without the heritage of British institutions and the cushion of energy revenues, T&T would already be a savage state. And have we not been slipping down that slope for the past half-century?

The urgent question, then, is how do we arrest that slide? History shows that, in every country which has faced economic collapse and reversed it, the key was usually education. This was the case for Japan in the 19th century, Singapore in the 1960s, and Finland in the 1970s. But the reforms in the education systems were not primarily aimed at producing well-behaved children, but adults with marketable skills.

For 21st century economies, however, such skills must also include the ability to think analytically and creatively. Religion, by its very nature, stultifies such mindsets. Our denominational schools may be very good at producing students who can memorise and regurgitate, but that is a far cry from nurturing smart people.

Kevin Baldeosingh is a professional writer, author of three novels, and co-author of a history textbook.

moga2 tuhan sumbat penulis ini dalam neraka;P

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makin kuat pegangan agama, makin bodoh laa keturunan ko;P

5. Conclusions

The historical battles between religious institutions and science, such as those in physics, astronomy and biology, indicate there is something wrong with the religious approach to the study of reality. The underlying problem extends to negative effects on the individual intelligence of believers, and a related negative effect on educational achievements. Hardly any of the several-hundred Nobel Prize winning scientists have been Christians. Only 3.3% of the Members of the Royal Society in the UK and 7% the National Academy of Sciences in the USA, believe in a personal God. The more senior and learnéd the scientist, the less likely they are to believe in God. The children of highly religious parents suffer diminished IQs - averaging 7 to 10 points lower compared to their non-religious counterparts in similar socio-economic groups. As you would expect from these results, multiple studies have also shown that IQ is opposed to the strength of religious belief. 39 studies since 1927 (out of 43) have found that the more educated a person is, and the higher one's intelligence, the less likely someone is to hold religious beliefs - "religion declines in proportion to the rise in education and personal income"21. Countries with a higher rate of belief in God have lower average intelligence; all countries with high average intelligence have low national levels of belief in God. For countries where belief in God is over 80%, the average national IQ is 83 points. For those countries where stated disbelief in God is greater than 20%, the national average IQ is 98 points. Instead of belief in God, countries with the highest IQs adhere to Far-Eastern belief systems such as Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism. It is not just intelligence and education that is inversely correlated with religion - it has also been found that the more you know about religion itself, the less likely you are to be religious20.

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the more you know about religion itself, the less likely you are to be religious

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Nah untuk ko Cong.... dari orang yang menaku intelijen.

Dalam tak sedar, duduk sama tinggi jer dengan leluhur pra sejarah dorang jugak. ;P

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airfilterkotor replied at 18-5-2016 03:09 AM
Nah untuk ko Cong.... dari orang yang menaku intelijen.

hebat..... nie penanda paras kecerdikan ko;P

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Oitt... ni untuk yang percaya kepada leluhur pra sejarah dorang laa.

Harap ko bukan salah sorang darinya. :lol:

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airfilterkotor replied at 18-5-2016 03:19 AM
Oitt... ni untuk yang percaya kepada leluhur pra sejarah dorang laa.

Harap ko bukan salah sorang...

jangan risau...... bodoh bukan jenayah;P

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Acong_II replied at 18-5-2016 02:56 AM

Itulah yang berlaku di CI juga selepas bertahun2 berforum - Taliban2 macam *tet*, *tet*, *tet* 5-6 tahun lepas tiba2 sekarang ayat serupa free thinker. :lol:

Termasuk Acong - dulu kemain Islamik approach. Now?:lol:

Acong_II Publish time 18-5-2016 04:03 AM

chazey replied at 18-5-2016 04:00 AM
Itulah yang berlaku di CI juga selepas bertahun2 berforum - Taliban2 macam *tet*, *tet*, *tet* 5 ...
mereputz laa kau dalam neraka;P

it has also been found that the more you know about religion itself, the less likely you are to be religious

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Mohon pindah ke BOD Keagamaan, Kerohaniah dan Kepercayaan.

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isu semasa.......... tengok laa tarikh;P

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so apa penilaian you padabold printed clausetu ?

causal or just mere association?

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mereputz laa kau dalam neraka

Shadap cacing tanoh!:lol:

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Benda tu tak wujud tapi hang sentap mcm benda tu betul2 wujud..

Acong.. hang ni ateis ke? :o:lol:;P

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mesti sebab penyewa cabut mlm mlm lg sampai hancur rumah penyewa ekrjakan

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Mana bukti orang tak beragama tak bodoh ? Sekadar masuk bakul angkat sendiri siapa pun boleh buat. Dasar atheist bangang sial. Hahahahakhaaarkptuih

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makin kuat pegangan agama, makin bodoh laa keturunan ko

Thisis hard evidence of atheist feeble mindedness.
Creating irrelevant & stupid comparisons and then hoping no one would laugh and spit on it

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That imbecile Irish Richard Lynn was never qualified to discuss intelligence

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Acong_II replied at 18-5-2016 04:03 AM
mereputz laa kau dalam neraka

Mereput? Hahaa. Dalam neraka lu kena seksa tanpa henti la
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